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At Smartfinds Marketing, we take a rational approach to an irrational medium. Our marketing agency has extensive experience and knowledge in many segments of the digital marketing world. Our innovative combination of knowledge, experience, and business intellect attract diverse and sophisticated team members, partners, and clients.

We have been in the advertising and marketing industries since 1987 and our experience on the Internet goes back to 1994. We have a unique understanding of the technical implementations of Internet technology and being able to apply it to Marketing Processes and Strategic Activities.

We have a team that includes project managers, writers, creative developers, technical developers, and advertising and marketing specialists. We use innovation, creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness to achieve business goals set by our clients.

Our business segments and competencies include Research, Strategy, and Planning; Creative Development; Technical Development; Inbound Marketing Strategies; Organic Marketing; Content Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Digital Advertising; Local Ecosystem Marketing; Management, Measurement, Analysis, and Interpretation.

We invite you to join our team. Let’s accomplish goals, exceed expectations, and achieve success together.

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We collaborate with complimentary industry partners. Here are a few you will find us working with:

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Smartfinds Marketing, a digital marketing agency, provides innovative, personalized digital marketing strategies and solutions. With over 25 years experiences in web technologies, advertising and marketing, SmartFinds strives to help customers navigate the digital marketing and advertising world through education, consultation and results interpretation. As an innovator and early adopter of digital technologies, SmartFinds follows strategic marketing processes in which technology is used as a tool to achieve business results. Smartfinds is headquartered in Birmingham, MI and has broad client experiences with websites, website marketability, website marketing, inbound marketing strategies, digital advertising, and much more. To learn more visit or call +1 (866) 501-5758.

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