Hi, we’re SmartFinds

Hi, we’re SmartFinds

We believe experience matters.

Digital Experts From the Start

Digital Experts From the Start

Our history in the advertising and marketing industries began in 1987; our experience with the internet dates back to 1994. This combined expertise provides us with a unique understanding of internet technology and the application of marketing and strategic processes.

Our energy and ability to deliver sound strategies for our clients are directly tied to our entrepreneurial culture. We thrive on wit and passion for what we do. Our team is collectively involved in the leadership style of serving our teams, employees, partners, and clients.  Clients often come to us seeking big, meaningful ideas for their marketing projects. Big ideas alone are not enough. We do not simply provide clients with “services”; rather, we act as their personal squad of digital media experts. We act as an extension of their organization, leading the way with education and collaboration.

At SmartFinds, we believe the proof is in the results of our approach. Our competitors are often limited to only technical or creative, or simply function as task-oriented service providers. Our ultimate goal is to aid, manage, and cultivate all aspects of our client’s business, moving them above and beyond.

Our Competencies

We bring a pragmatic approach to a dynamic medium

Our Philosophy

We abide by the 4A's of Digital Marketing

Anticipate Change

Like the weather, change is hard to predict. Technology and digital marketing go hand-in-hand, and change is inherent to both of them. When armed with the knowledge that it’s going to change, you can focus your efforts on being well-prepared.

Accept Change

Changes in the industry will undoubtedly impact the way you approach marketing, budgets, and the business as a whole. It is natural to react to change with resistance. However, the sooner you can fully understand the changes, the quicker you can adapt.

Adapt to Change

Digital marketing is not a one-and-done activity. It is a continual cycle of research, implementation, review, and revision. A strategy that worked great today, may be obsolete by tomorrow. To stay relevant, your outlook must be flexible, quick, and nimble.

Adopt Change

Once you confront change and reformulate your strategy, you’ll need to execute your plan. This is where the real behind-the-scenes work is put into action. Enlisting a team with attention to detail and persistence will keep you ten steps ahead of the curve.

Beyond Word of Mouth: Exceptional Recommendations

Learn from The Pros

With nearly three decades of expertise in Digital Marketing, SmartFinds Marketing empowers you to maximize the potential of cutting-edge tools through our “Learn from The Pros” webinar and content series. Unlock a wealth of knowledge and experience through our on-demand resources, tailored to fuel your success in the digital realm.