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Leveraging our 25 years of experience in Digital Marketing, SmartFinds Marketing can put those powerful new tools to work for you with our “Learn from The Pros” educational webinar and content.

SmartFinds Marketing is an award-winning company. SmartFinds received the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch by the State of Michigan in 2009. This is a unique award given only once to a company by the State of Michigan.

Tap into our successes with vast experiences and knowledge with our on-demand resources.

Learn From The Pros Webinar Series

Using AI for Lead Generation and Website Visitor Conversion

June 21, 2023

This event, hosted by SmartFinds Marketing and Boom! Enterprises, aims to explore the applications of artificial intelligence in enhancing lead generation and website visitor conversion rates, crucial for businesses relying on digital platforms for growth. The webinar will offer insights into how AI can transform marketing campaigns, focusing on identifying potential leads and personalizing website experiences to boost conversion rates. It features case studies, AI tools and technologies, and interactive Q&A sessions with experts. Learn more.


Melih Oztalay, CEO, SmartFinds Marketing
Samuel Duffy, Founder, Boom! Enterprises

How to Crush Sales on Amazon Prime Day Without Crushing Profits

September 16, 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is just around the corner. Retailers can learn how to benefit from this once a year event by Learning from the Pros. Attend this free webinar presented by SmartFinds Marketing and Nuanced Media. Setting up your Amazon Seller’s page, driving traffic to your Amazon store, and understanding the marketing tactics within Amazon is important to your sales success.Learn More.


Melih Oztalay, CEO, SmartFinds Marketing
Ryan Flannagan, CEO, Nuanced Media

How To Use Website Design To Increase Sales

April 29, 2020

Do you understand how important creative design impacts leads and sales from your website? The free webinar is presented by SmartFinds Marketing and Drive Creative Agency. How to use website design and conversion rate optimization to improve your lead and sales results. Learn more.


Melih Oztalay, CEO, SmartFinds Marketing
Dan Dulka, Co-Founder, Drive Creative Agency
Corey Barkach, Co-Founder, Drive Creative Agency

How to Increase Sales with the Power of Content Marketing

February 26, 2020

Understanding the benefits of content marketing by developing a strategic content marketing plan, using quality content that drives results. The process of content marketing combines both the development of strategic content and the distribution through strategic distribution sources. Learn more.


Melih Oztalay, CEO, SmartFinds Marketing
Gerri Knilans, President, Trade Press Services
Jamie Pagett, Content Strategist, Trade Press Services

How to Plan for your Website’s Future with Reliable Security and Strategy

November 19, 2019

This educational webinar is intended for business owners to consider how they plan for the future of their website, accepting technology changes, the strategy of their website, and budgets that impact how they approach the never-ending changes in website technologies. Learn more.


Melih Oztalay, CEO, SmartFinds Marketing

Convert Website Visitors to Leads and Sales with Powerful Results

June 18, 2018

Businesses need to focus on Conversion-Rate-Optimization (CRO) and Call to Action (CTA) on their website. Trying to gain more traffic to your website is far more costly than making changes to your website to achieve the desired results. Additionally, the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are important factors in your website design and website design optimization. Learn more.


Melih Oztalay, CEO, SmartFinds Marketing
Lori Williams, Owner & Managing Attorney, Your Legal Resource

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