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Content Marketing is the marketing involves the creation and sharing of media, publishing, and distribution of content in order to inspire prospects, gain customer loyalty, and acquire customers. Content marketing is not about selling, rather on simply communicating with customers and prospects. It is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. The essence of this content strategy is the belief that if  businesses deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward them with their business and loyalty.

Content Marketing Webinar Material Downloads

On February 26, 2020, SmartFinds Marketing hosted a webinar as part of its Learn from the Pro series. The educational webinar, "How to Increase Sales with the Power of Content Marketing" was created to help businesses discover how content marketing can be a valuable marketing channel to increase sales. Joining SmartFinds Marketing were Gerri Knilans and Jamie Pagett from Trade Press Services. Gerri and Jamie hosted the first half of the webinar, which addressed the scope of content marketing including how to establish the right strategy and develop messages that resonate with targeted audiences. In the second half of the webinar, Melih Oztalay of SmartFinds Marketing shared his knowledge, discussing the importance of content distribution, search engines and other factors for effective content marketing strategy. "The content marketing webinar was successful with great questions like ‘Are there any industries that don’t benefit from content marketing?'", said Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartFinds Marketing. "We concluded that content, regardless of type, has been around since the beginning of time and is needed by all industries and businesses. We look forward to continuing our Learn from the Pro webinar series in April 2020," added Mr. Oztalay. Content Marketing Benefits The webinar covered topics [...]

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Content Marketing Webinar Hosted By SmartFinds Marketing and Trade Press Services for Free

Birmingham, Michigan - February 24, 2020 (SMARTFINDS MARKETING) - Content Marketing Webinar hosted for free by SmartFinds Marketing with their communications partner, Trade Press Services, on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, at 2 p.m. EST on "How to Increase Sales with the Power of Content Marketing." Brands Using Content Marketing The webinar will demonstrate how brands can use content marketing to convert prospects into customers. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the most successful companies are very committed to producing content marketing, yet only 39 percent have a documented strategy. “When it comes to marketing in a digital and global marketplace, content is king, thanks to the ever-increasing power of social media and the necessity of leveraging that power to continuously and positively impact sales numbers,” says Gerri Knilans, president of Trade Press Services. "Content marketing has become a proven driver for sales increases,” notes Knilans whose background includes more than 40 years of sales and marketing expertise". "That’s why it’s imperative to understand all of the elements required to leverage content marketing strategically and successfully." Gerri Knilans and Jamie Pagett from Trade Press Services will host the first half of the webinar, which will address the scope of content marketing, [...]

How Solid Content Distribution Gets the Results You Need

You don’t have to look any further than the success of Sir Richard Branson when it comes to content marketing. A popular article about him titled "How Storytelling Helped Richard Branson Become a Billionaire" explains how storytelling (aka content marketing) was part of Richard Branson’s strategy to his success. A successful content marketing program is about telling your story to the world. The story topics could include everything from your expertise, business, products, and services. Proper content marketing will include a plan which encompasses distribution to many different channels through many different strategies. Content distribution articles often discuss the distribution process in three segments. Owned, Earned, and Paid content distribution. As a digital marketing professional, in my humble opinion, all you need is Owned and Earned content distribution channels to get quality website visitors. I see no reason to pay for distributing your content as there is a significant number of resources available to achieve success. Content Distribution Explained Content distribution is the second most important segment of your content marketing strategy. It's a process that requires careful planning. In this process, you are publishing, sharing and promoting your content. The content distribution process allows you to educate your target [...]

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How Content Marketing Became King To Increase Your Revenue

In content marketing, you may have heard that "Content Is King" on the Internet. The statement is 100% accurate and was made famous by Bill Gates in 1996. His writings about content continue to be true today. Bill Gates states, "Those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products - a marketplace of content." The reality remains that the company with the most content and backlinks to their website wins over their competition. The "backlinks" portion is significant. Developing and writing content is only the first step. Where and how to distribute your content is even more important. You want to find distribution points that allow for engagement and viral re-distribution. Content Marketing is one of the key activities in your Inbound Marketing Strategy. You will want to prepare a plan that incorporates inbound marketing as part of your marketing communications. The Residual Value of Content Marketing Advertising only works when there is a budget for ads to run. When the money is no longer there, there is no residual value to the money spent. You have to continue spending money on a disruptive type channel to see results. A disruption many netizens [...]

How To Use Content Marketing Strategy To Your Advantage

Content Marketing Strategy is more important than any advertising campaign a business spends its money on.  The reality is 92 percent of marketers reported their company views content as a business asset.  Yet fewer than half (46%) have a documented strategy for managing content as a business asset.  As such, your content marketing strategy needs to be one of the key strategies used to achieve your marketing goals and have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Content Marketing Strategy As A Competitive Advantage The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a strategic marketing activity focused on developing and distributing content.  This content is valuable, relevant, and consistent to attract the audience the business is seeking.  Of course, the end result being an increase in revenue from these efforts and activities. For a lot of businesses, content marketing is not perceived as sexy as advertising.  Content marketing is not a sales brochure and it is not an advertising campaign.  Content marketing is about using articles, news releases, press releases, blog posts, PDFs, Powerpoint presentations, images, graphics, photography, video, infographics, and much more. The goal of content marketing is to educate your audience with meaningful expertise.  The audience benefits from and [...]

Webinar: Content Marketing Drives Sales! Learn from the Pros Series

Registration For This Webinar Has Closed Don't Miss This FREE Live Content Marketing Webinar: Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST Are You Ready for 2020 With Your Content Marketing Strategies? CONTENT MARKETING QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF: Do you understand how content marketing can generate sales? Do you know how to create content that humans and search engines will love? Do you know how to use content marketing to drive quality visitors to your website? Do you know how to create a strategic content marketing plan that will support your company’s goals? CONTENT MARKETING WEBINAR WILL COVER: The benefits of content marketing How to create a strategic content marketing plan How to develop quality content that drives results How to distribute your content YOU'LL LEARN: Content marketing formats Eight steps to creating a strategic content marketing plan Strategic messaging Creating a content-marketing dream team Best practices Content distribution through non-social websites Content distribution through passive social media marketing Content distribution through active social media marketing YOU'LL GET: A copy of the webinar recording (MP4) and the webinar presentation (PDF) will be provided to all registrants and attendees Don't Miss This FREE Live [...]

Marketing Agency and Services for Businesses To Achieve Success

Your marketing agency source for all things digital. At Smartfinds Marketing, we take a rational approach to an irrational medium. Our marketing agency has extensive experience and knowledge in many segments of the digital marketing world. Our innovative combination of knowledge, experience, and business intellect attract diverse and sophisticated team members, partners, and clients. We have been in the advertising and marketing industries since 1987 and our experience on the Internet goes back to 1994. We have a unique understanding of the technical implementations of Internet technology and being able to apply it to Marketing Processes and Strategic Activities. We have a team that includes project managers, writers, creative developers, technical developers, and advertising and marketing specialists. We use innovation, creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness to achieve business goals set by our clients. Our business segments and competencies include Research, Strategy, and Planning; Creative Development; Technical Development; Inbound Marketing Strategies; Organic Marketing; Content Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Digital Advertising; Local Ecosystem Marketing; Management, Measurement, Analysis, and Interpretation. We invite you to join our team. Let's accomplish goals, exceed expectations, and achieve success together.   We collaborate with complimentary industry partners. Here are a few you will find [...]

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Powerful Social Media Marketing Nurturing Gets You More Results

A noticeable change in social media marketing is the overuse of automation tools like Hootsuite or SocialOoomph. Businesses have turned social media automation into something that seems to resemble broadcast radio. Posting large volumes of tweets and updates happen fast with automation tools. Now imagine every business, regardless of their industry, doing the exact same thing. Automated postings have inundated social communities to a point that no one is listening anymore. Unfortunately, businesses have overused social media automation tools to be the end of their marketing efforts. They are seeking efficient (not necessarily effective) ways of getting their message out, in a fast manner, and do so at a low cost. Low cost to these businesses includes low to no labor. Of course, these quick tactics are not effective and do more harm than good. The question we have to ask ourselves is how effective is broadcasting your message in bulk? How effective is it to wait for people to come to you? With every business broadcasting to the social communities, how likely is it for someone to listen on the other end? It is more likely people have become numb to the broadcasts and do not even recognize there [...]

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Powerful Four E’s Of Business Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing for businesses changes daily and is no different to many of the changes occurring in various web marketing channels. Businesses need to change with the times in order to make their marketing communications effectively. Social communities are being inundated with postings from businesses and many of them through marketing automation services. The question is anyone listening anymore? If there is any listening going on, is anyone engaging in a conversation? Big brands may not have this problem, however, the average business spending time and money in social media marketing needs to find ways to make this marketing process more effective. Time has come to stand out from the noise and change how social media marketing is executed. The changes will come in two distinctive areas. The first will be what is being posted and how to prepare the strategy. The second will come in the form of nurturing your social community presences. Understanding The Four E’s Of Social Media Marketing These four E’s can help guide your social community posting to build interactions, discussions and engagement. 1. Educate When posting to social networks it can be difficult to know what to post, or what content is of [...]

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Social Media Advertising Expenses Can Be Reduced By Targeted Tagging

  Social media marketing is continually becoming competitive. Pushing your updates, comments, or posts out to your connections is becoming less valuable. Why? Well, your connections are being inundated by others in their network bombarding them with other information. Whether it’s your blog articles, infographics or simply sharing a page on your website, your update, post or comments need to be found and seen in social communities. Why else are you spending time in social media marketing? The difficulty within social communities is the amount of content being published every day. Your content is becoming increasingly harder to find or even be noticed. Whether you are telling people what you're doing (Twitter) or confirming where you are (Foursquare) or showing people what you're doing (YouTube), you are spending time raising the awareness of your business. That time has to ultimately have a return on investment. If you're in the media department the first response would be to spend money sponsoring posts by advertising within the various social communities. For anyone in the marketing department following strategic processes or in non-media communications, you might be wondering what your options are besides advertising? Try tagging! Social Media Influencers Let's define an influencer, [...]

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