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How aware are you of your awareness?

How aware are you of your awareness? Do you know that you are highly aware? How much of the time do you aim to try to push it aside or avoid it, to then be overwhelmed by so much going on around you because you’re choosing not to be in the awareness of your awareness? Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 203. So what would it be like to ask a question like, truth, what am I aware of right now? What am I picking up on? Is it mine? Is it someone else’s? What is this right now? That is tuning into your awareness. So, truth, how aware are you of your awareness?  A Space to BE With Take a moment to tune in and ask yourself the following questions. Do you find yourself avoiding your awareness? Have you ever considered that anxiety is really misidentified awareness? And have you ever considered choosing to BE aware of your awareness? What would it be like to acknowledge that as a possibility? And what would it take to choose that? What would that be like… to choose conscious aware as a way to generate and create something greater? What else is possible from here? Let’s Talk About It! When you are willing to be in the question and look [...]

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3 Reasons to Consider A New Honda Accord

When you’re shopping around for the ideal sedan, the Honda Accord is one you’ll certainly want to consider. Visit us today to see this car for yourself and learn more from our helpful sales associates. Here at Holmes Honda, you’ll find a great selection of Accords and great deals across our selection. The Accord also comes with many perks that put it above the competition. Let’s take a look at why the Accord is the ideal sedan for you. 1. Space Abounds in the Accord One of the best parts of the Accord is the ample amount of space you’ll have from the front seats to the trunk. All around, the Accord puts a priority on space and comfort, giving you and your passengers space to get comfortable. You’ll also enjoy more than 16 cubic feet of trunk space for everything you need to bring along. 2. Fuel Efficiency to Keep You Moving The Accord offers great fuel efficiency–up to 30 miles per gallon in the city and 38 miles per gallon on the highway. With the Accord, you don’t have to sacrifice space for good gas mileage–you’ll get the best of both. 3. Standard Safety Features Beat The Competition [...]

What would you like to generate and create in 2019? Hello My Conscious Friends! Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 202. In the last video we got clear on what it is that you would like to generate and create for the New Year. Going from the usual New Year’s Resolution List to a Possibilities List from which you can choose what it is that you would like to generate and create in 2019. Now today, we are going to clear anything that won’t allow you to BE with that, to create that, to generate that, and bring it into this reality. Guided Exercise: So what I would like you to do is go ahead now and close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing. Now tune into that Possibilities List and just notice… is there any heavy energy there? Are there thought, feelings, and emotions blocking you from being able to even show up to it? And are you clear to what is on this Possibilities List that you would like to generate and create first? Or what are you aware of? So anything that won’t allow you to have ease and clarity on this. Let’s take a deep breath in and blow out all the heavy on the exhale. Wow! Thank you. Now, what are you aware of on this Possibilities List? And [...]

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Holmes Jaguar of Shreveport awaits arrival of the 2020 Jaguar XE

When the new and improved 2020 Jaguar XE comes to Holmes Jaguar of Shreveport this summer, consumers should find the model’s overhaul quite refreshing.   Revamped model fixes interior, exterior for the better After three years of the XE, Jaguar has decided to be more aggressive with how it treats this particular model, so that it can be more competitive with others in its luxury sports sedan class. New features, many of which will be noticed inside The 2020 XE will feature noticeable exterior changes that will differentiate itself from models of the past three years. That includes redesigned near front and rear numbers, a wider grille and updated taillights. “The XE has always been a sharp-looking car, but fairly subtle styling changes have actually done a lot to improve the look of the XE and keep it looking up to date,” said Daniel Golson of Car and Driver. “LED headlights with a more modern design are now standard, and the LED taillights have been redesigned to align with those of other Jaguar models. The grille is larger and has a new mesh design, the front bumper has bigger openings and is more angular, and the rear diffuser has been redesigned.” [...]

Land Rover to release Range Rover Evoque in 2020

Different trims, designs give future owners options either on or off the road. On February 7 at the Chicago Auto Show, Land Rover conducted the first U.S. reveal for its next-generation Range Rover Evoque. Those in attendance got to witness the new vehicle go off-road on an indoor track. Once released, the Evoque will be available in five different trims: S, SE, R-Dynamic S, R-Dynamic SE and R-Dynamic HSE, with the automaker saying an additional first-edition model will be available only for the first year. The vehicle was originally introduced in London in November 2018, showing off features that include an all-new design language, advanced driver assistance technologies, a new hybrid-electric powertrain option and “groundbreaking” off-road technologies. This builds on the original model’s instantly-recognizable design. Land Rover calls the upcoming addition to its family “a sophisticated evolution of the original’s distinctive coupe-like silhouette.” The 2020 Evoque is a new kind of vehicle Land Rover said that at launch the 2.0-liter, 246 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder Evoque will be available with a 48-volt MHEV powertrain that harvests energy normally lost during deceleration, storing it in the underfloor battery. The company says it will also be the first vehicle to feature what they [...]

The Layered Process Audit: Part1

Many organizations complain about having difficulty maintaining standards on the shop floor.  We often make improvement only to find the process regresses back to its previous state in a short period of time.  A closer look at the audit process will often show the following types of symptoms: Standard work is posted, but no one is following it. The sequence, timing, and content of work changes within each operator as well as from one operator to another. There are inconsistencies in incoming materials that cause over processing at the workstation and overburden to operators. This may lead to defects and operational delays. Poorly designed products and processes that cause unevenness and overburden. 5S is not maintained or consistent between one shift and another. Uncontrolled tools and materials are squirreled away in cabinets as a result of hoarding for just in case reasons. Non-conforming materials are not properly identified which exposes the operation to risk. These issues may indicate a general lack of management oversight of the process. Management oversight may typically occur in the form of system audits, control point checklists, or other structured reviews of the operation. An audit is essentially a check on the system to see that activities are [...]

The Honda Ridgeline Is the Only Truck You Need in 2019

Get ready to be surprised by how much fun having a truck can be. When you drive the Ridgeline, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well it handles, hauls and more.   One of our favorite features about the Ridgeline is that it’s capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds. You’ll also have the option of an advanced all-wheel-drive system, perfect for handling mud and rock. Whether you’re looking to haul a trailer or just the kids to and from school, the Ridgeline offers the capability to do it all. This truck also makes the most of its bed space with flat load floors. The space in the bed isn’t interrupted by the raised wheel wells, which means you can maximize cargo space. You’ll also have the ability to use your Ridgeline for the ultimate tailgate truck–the in-bed cargo storage can double as a cooler and speaker. Get the most for your money with this truck Inside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Ridgeline’s comfortable space and technology features. The back seat offers enough space to keep rear seat passengers comfortable too–a space that can easily become cramped in other midsize trucks like the Nissan Frontier. The Ridgeline keeps it cozy, [...]

Dr. Sarah’s Blog Talk Radio Show with Liz Tupling on Monday April 22

Tune in on April 22 at 6 pm for Dr. Sarah’s Blog Talk Radio Show with Liz Tupling The Dr. Sarah Blog Talk Radio Show is a 30-minute variety show that encourages and empowers people to live their life in a conscious way. Each episode is unique unto itself, covering a number of different topics and ideas that are fueled by the questions of the listeners as well as by the guests that are brought on the show. As the host, Dr. Sarah not only touches upon ways to actively live consciously, she also provides a variety pragmatic tools and techniques that listeners can take with them and use in their daily life. The show provides a virtual venue where people can come, be and receive a variety of different pragmatic tools and information that allow them to have greater access to conscious choice and possibilities as well as change and contribution.     LISTEN HERE: ABOUT LIZ TUPLING: Elizabeth J. Tupling, MS, LLP is a private practice integrative psychotherapist and conscious living facilitator with offices in Bloomfield Hills and Royal Oak, Michigan. In her work she is dedicated to guiding individuals, families and organizations toward more fulfilling relationships and life experiences. [...]

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OUT with this year’s heavy and IN with space to generate and create New Year’s Resolutions?

Hello My Conscious Friends! Now, New Year’s resolutions. Yes, this is the time of year, the end of the year, going into the New Year that we tend to go to that place of resolutions. Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 200. Now, have you ever noticed that, when you go there and you aim to make a change that’s very difficult at times, especially if you’re not clear and you’re weighed down by something heavy and you’re trying to change it and it won’t change? Well, what if we aim today to clear a space right away so that you can bring in something new for the New Year, your New Year’s resolution? Guided Exercise: So, what I would like to you do now is go ahead and close your eyes. Just bring your attention to your breathing. Now, tap into all of the heavy energies that may be blocking you. It doesn’t matter what they are, they can be from this year, from the beginning of the year until now, or it could be just something that happened yesterday. Just bring into your awareness any heavy energy, whatever it is, whatever thought, feeling, and emotion it may have being part of it, just bring it in now. Allow yourself to be present with this intensity. [...]

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The Mercedes-Benz GLC Should Be Your New Family SUV

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC is the perfect SUV for your family lifestyle, without sacrificing on the luxury features you want in a new vehicle. Customize it to your needs, or find one that’s already available at our showroom in Shreveport. This vehicle caters to all the features you’re looking for. From standard, upscale features like front heated seats to a solid amount of horsepower and great fuel economy, this vehicle has everything you’re hoping for. Versatility is the GLC’s forte It offers a variety of powertrain configurations, from a fuel-sipping four-cylinder to a plug-in hybrid variant. Rear-wheel drive is standard, with Mercedes’ 4Matic all-wheel-drive system available. Whether your daily drive is a short jaunt across town or many highway miles, the GLC offers options to make it efficient. Add the off-roading engineering package for an even more rugged version of this SUV.   In 2019, you’ll have more standard features than ever, with things like a convenient house-current power outlet so you can say goodbye to car chargers once and for all. You’ll also enjoy features like the COMAND infotainment system and the optional Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration.   Space and design that fits your lifestyle In terms of space, [...]

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