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2020 is just around the corner. Is your website ready?


  • Are you ready for 5G?
  • Are you ready for the future of mobile device capabilities?
  • Have you gotten a perfect score on Google’s Page Speed Testing Tool?
  • Have you gotten a passing grade with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool?
  • Have you tested your website and web server’s security?
  • Have you reduced your risk by decentralizing your web presence?


  • Frontline website development technologies
  • Developing a reliable strategy for future planning
  • Reducing the risk of your website’s downtime
  • Keeping your website flexible as your business needs change


  • New project structure
  • Diversifying technologies
  • 2020 creative design
  • 8 critical website technologies
  • Preparing for website marketability


  • A copy of the webinar recording (MP4) and the webinar presentation (PDF) will be provided
    to all registrants and attendees

Presented by:

Melih Oztalay

Melih Oztalay is the CEO of SmartFinds Marketing. He has 25 years of experience in developing successful, efficient and strategic digital marketing and advertising solutions for businesses. Working through an entrepreneurial framework, he has given perspective on marketing in business development, sales, execution, and management.

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