Auto Dealership Marketing to local consumers has changed over the years. The marketing process is primarily in the digital marketing channels and the competition around these channels is high. Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 are all competing in the same marketing channels making the process difficult for any one individual dealership. What if there is another way of reaching targeted consumers?

If you think you’ve tried something like SmartOne for auto dealership marketing before you’d be wrong. SmartOne differs because it is entirely managed by a digital marketing agency and not just a technology provider. Digital agencies manage the strategy, processes and analyze results. Technology companies only focus on services and tasks, something they are very good at executing. The difference is like hiring your printer to be your ad agency four decades ago.

What Is SmartOne?

Let’s summarize the SmartOne program.

  • SmartOne is an advanced auto dealership marketing using digital local marketing with proven results increasing a dealership’s awareness among targeted local consumers who have not done business with the dealership before.
  • SmartOne program guarantees car sales, has a fixed fee, does not accept commissions for sales above the guarantee, and provides the dealership a refund or credit for sales not achieved below the guarantee.
  • SmartOne, also is co-op compliant with OEMs, increases service center appointments and bottom line profits as well.

Auto Dealership Marketing Targeting Local Consumers

What’s more, none of these local targeted consumers have done business with the dealership dealer in the past five years. This is accomplished by purging the Dealership’s CRM and DMS data of all customers who have done business in the previous five years from the SmartOne campaign database. The dealership has the option of targeting audiences by specific demographics and zip codes. Meaning we can cherry pick the target region beyond just radius.

The SmartOne Marketing Channels

SmartOne combines six marketing channels to achieve its goals instead of one, two or three as part of its auto dealership marketing. The combined solution helps with higher Google search engine rankings. SmartOne marketing channels include Press Release Marketing through the news network, E-Mail Marketing, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Re-Targeting ads (of the target audience), and Google Re-targeting ads (of the target audience).

The six marketing channels work together to hyper-target an audience known to be interested in auto promotions. No single marketing channel can achieve these results on its own. SmartOne creates a saturation campaign continuousl withy over an eight-week program through the major digital media channels.

SmartOne Additional Features

SmartOne has a fixed fee, does not accept commissions for sales above the guarantee, and provides the dealership a refund or credit for sales not achieved below the guarantee.

SmartOne provides the promotion of service appointments as an additional benefit to the dealership at no additional charge.

The SmartOne team is more than 200 people strong. Not only was the company founded in the Motor City, but also the program’s management team has direct experience within the automotive ecosystem as auto dealers themselves.

During the past five years, more than 1,000 dealerships have benefited from this program. Hundreds use it today. SmartOne program guarantees 20 car sales (new or used) over an eight-week period. Other SmartOne guarantee programs can be customized to the dealership’s needs.

Why wait. Contact SmartOne today for a new auto dealership marketing strategy.

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Photo credit: Marc Kleen