New branding initiative includes technologies which meet current search engine requirements and flexibilities for mobile visitors for improved user response and lead generation.

BIRMINGHAM, MI, September 16, 2013 – SmartFinds Marketing is pleased to announce the official launch of a new website technology platform for its fully redesigned website The new responsive web site is a major step in the company’s on-going efforts to support client projects for search engine effectiveness, visitor response, and lead generation.

“Since a website is the final destination for web marketing and web advertising efforts, insuring that the website can be an effective lead generator regardless of the device visitors are using will make the campaign budgets more effective,” said SmartFinds CEO, Melih Oztalay.

The new website showcases the company’s web marketing solutions, service offerings, news, and information in an approachable and visually- engaging way.

Having been in advertising and marketing since 1987 and a web-based company since 1994, SmartFinds Marketing has been on the forefront of the Internet as an innovator and early adopter of new technologies. The evolution of the new website is a culmination of technology changes that have been evolving within the Internet industry over the past three years. Understanding how to interpret the evolution, and then assemble the results into an actionable and effective marketing tool is where SmartFinds shines for its clients.

Mr. Oztalay added, “Compared to the tools from 20 years ago, we can show our clients facts and data if they need to engage in a new technology or to stay on the forefront of the website visitor experience.”

Smartfinds was excited to take full advantage of the latest technologies available. Recognizing the sizable upsurge in smartphone and tablet users over recent years, SmartFinds took a responsive web design approach, which allows for accessibility and fluidity across a variety of devices. “We found responsive web design to be ideal for us to maintain a single source, instead of having multiple websites,” said Mr. Oztalay of the Michigan firm.

Smartfinds built the site using WordPress, which provided versatility in the site’s structure, appearance, and capabilities. Structurally, the site features a clean and intuitive layout for easy navigation. The pages are designed so that users can quickly access information on a product or service via the cascading menu, through a shortcut link on a specific topic, or even by clicking directly on a slideshow image.

Aesthetic enhancements to the site include the use of an on-trend color scheme, contemporary fonts, and slideshows with vibrant imagery. The WordPress Revolution Slider provided an intriguing alternative to the standard-issue PowerPoint presentation. The versatile slideshow app has technology capabilities similar to PowerPoint but with user-friendly features. The slider is fully customizable with unlimited slides and captioning, drag and drop layering, dynamic CSS animation, and the ability to embed Vimeo and YouTube videos.

Visitors can see the app in action as they are welcomed by an evolving slideshow on the website’s home page. Grey-toned slides explore a range of web marketing dilemmas, which aim to connect with business owners facing similar concerns. As the slides transition and the appropriate SmartFinds solution is presented, the slides come to life in color.

Using WordPress not only provided flexibility from a creative standpoint. It also interacts well with Social Media platforms, and countless plugins are available to use. This was especially key when it came to integrating photos and videos into the site in a manner that did not impede Apple iOS visitors. Visitors can view samples of the company’s video work and interactive ads, which can be updated and replaced with minimal effort.

Mr. Oztalay commented, “WordPress has evolved into a great website management tool not only because the platform is maintained automatically with current technologies, but the vast array of marketing plugins are equally helpful for website marketability.”

Smartfinds is dedicated to staying on top of the latest in data technologies. High on the company’s agenda is ensuring that their site content is compliant in the structured data markup schema, or This shared method of coding was created collectively by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!, which helps search engines interpret site content quicker and more accurately. This, in turn, produces a better search experience and more relevant, enhanced results.

“As the Internet has evolved over the years, classifying the information on a website has become important for the search engines. We will be adding capabilities to our website to further include coding structure beyond the basics we have started with,” Mr. Oztalay indicated.

Smartfinds openly invites the public to explore their eye-catching, new website and provide any feedback.

About SmartFinds Marketing
SmartFinds Marketing provides innovative, personalized web marketing strategies and services. We strive to help customers navigate the web marketing and advertising world through education, consultation and result interpretation. As your partner, we research, develop a plan, and manage its execution. Web marketing is an intricate process and we help you interpret and understand the results every step of the way. SmartFinds is headquartered in Birmingham, MI and houses over 25 years of marketing, advertising and internet experience. Smartfinds’ broad client experiences with websites, web advertising campaigns, and web marketing strategies include larger corporations like Compuware, Delphi, Flagstar Bank, Guardian Industries, McCann Erickson, Penske Automotive Group, Soave Enterprises, Wendy’s, Ziebart and others. To learn more visit or call (866) 501-5758.

You can learn more of this web marketing agency in this PDF about SmartFinds Marketing.


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