SmartFinds Internet Marketing Unveils Technically Sophisticated, Mobile Responsive Website for Improved Website Performance

New branding initiative includes technologies which meet current search engine requirements and flexibilities for mobile visitors for improved user response and lead generation. BIRMINGHAM, MI, September 16, 2013 - SmartFinds Internet Marketing is pleased to announce the official launch of a new website technology platform for its fully redesigned website The new responsive web site is a major step in the company’s on-going efforts to support client projects for search engine effectiveness, visitor response, and lead generation. "Since a website is the final destination for web marketing and web advertising efforts, insuring that the website can be an effective lead generator regardless of the device visitors are using will make the campaign budgets more effective," said SmartFinds CEO, Melih Oztalay. The new website showcases the company's web marketing solutions, service offerings, news, and information in an approachable and visually- engaging way. Having been in advertising and marketing since 1987 and a web-based company since 1994, SmartFinds Internet Marketing has been on the forefront of the Internet as an innovator and early adopter of new technologies. The evolution of the new website is a culmination of technology changes that have been evolving within the Internet industry over the past three [...]