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LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising

Starting with its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has firmly established itself as a leader on the social media playing field. With over 313 million members hailing from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is the prime business professional networking site, connecting workers from a wide range of industries with each other and companies alike.  LinkedIn members can view other member’s profiles, company profiles, employment opportunities, and even join industry-specific groups. Much like its social media counterparts, LinkedIn is driven by the continual flow of communication and interaction between its members.

  • Increase Brand Awareness of your Company
  • Increase Leads
  • Increase Connections

From a social media marketing and advertising standpoint, LinkedIn is valuable for several reasons. LinkedIn profiles are available publicly, so anyone searching for your name or company is likely to find your info in Google’s search results. This is an immediate way for prospective clients to validate you or your company. Establishing and maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn can provide the opportunity to connect with others beyond the LinkedIn community itself.  The mastery in using LinkedIn for your marketing or advertising purposes lies in navigating the various sections, knowing how to use them and then applying practices to your daily activities.

LinkedIn Marketing: Making It Work For You

SmartFinds knows that LinkedIn is a great way for your company to establish and maintain visibility. LinkedIn can help you connect and communicate with individuals that influence the decisions made for their own company. By posting the latest news and information on your company page, you can raise brand awareness and educate potential clients on your products or services. In order to be effective, reaching out and keeping your followers engaged requires continual effort. SmartFinds can plan and complete customized activities on LinkedIn such as:

  • Setting Up, Optimizing & Maintaining Company Profile Page linkedin-company-page1
  • Sharing Company-related News or Updates
  • Sharing Industry-related News, Articles or Trends
  • Liking or Commenting on updates from others
  • Growing Connections
  • Communicating with Connections

Reach Prospects & Generate Leads Using LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great resource for connecting with professionals that are in the same industry, whether locally and around the world. Members can share content, experiences, business knowledge and ideas, and even establish themselves as experts in industry-related subject matter. Members can also promote your own products, services, or events. It’s interesting to note that members who post or engage in group discussions get an average of four times as many profile views. LinkedIn Groups provide a greater opportunity to reach prospects. Although, the process of engaging in LinkedIn Groups requires some planning and daily commitment to activity. SmartFinds can assist with LinkedIn Group activities such as:

  • Creating and managing a group LinkedInGroups Banner
  • Inviting others to join your group
  • Posting announcements to your group members
  • Sharing links and industry-related information
  • Monitoring group discussions & comments
  • and much more…

LinkedIn Advertising: Using Sponsored Updates to Promote Your Business

LinkedIn Targeted AdvertisingCreating and updating your LinkedIn company page is the first step to promoting and growing your business connections through sponsored updates. LinkedIn allows you to create and place ads based on your personal targeting criteria without having to be directly connected to an individual or have advertising target in your network. LinkedIn members can click on your ads, visit your website and follow your company page. Your company page will help you achieve precise targeting through industry, geography, company, job title, and even members within specific LinkedIn groups.

SmartFinds can create and manage a LinkedIn sponsored campaign that is right for your needs. LinkedIn ads can be a powerful tool for your business if you have the right know-how. A great advantage of using LinkedIn ads is that the advertising budget is easy to control, including paying by clicks or impressions. SmartFinds can pinpoint which audience to target, which could include members based on company, company size, job title, industry or industry group. Next, SmartFinds can help determine how to structure the ad to maximize reach. Some ways that SmartFinds can assist with LinkedIn ad campaigns include:

  • Using different ad variations, e.g. different types of text copy, images and graphics
  • Narrowing or changing your targeting options
  • Creating and/or updating the landing page users are being sent to
  • Analyzing ad performance, e.g. impressions, clicks, click-through rate, leads

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