Content Marketing

Content marketing provides consistent, ongoing, and valuable information to customers which in turn builds loyalty and brand awareness which drive traffic to your website and increases sales. In a nutshell, content marketing is the process of distributing company or industry information via editorial articles, news releases, premium press releases, videos, photos and documents such as Power Point through online sources. This information enters a viral web distribution network to reach your target audience.

Long Lasting Value

  • Shows your authority in your field and industry.
  • Educates your customers and prospects about your company, brands, services and products.
  • Allows prospects to find you through multiple sources when they are ready to seek you out.
  • Validates your sales materials when prospects research your company on the web.

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Brand awareness, recognition and credibility
  • Brand information saturation
  • Measurable online reputation management and public relations
  • Search Engine Rankings of website and distributed content
  • Inbound Marketing website traffic from non-search engines
  • Higher quality sales leads for sales than advertising
  • …and unlike advertising, Content Marketing has a shelf life of years!

Multi-Directional Web Marketing

The concept of multi-directional marketing became an outgrowth of Google’s algorithm requiring businesses to have links to their websites. The unintended consequence became website traffic from many different sources beyond search enginges. As of 2006, we developed a diagram to better portray this how the distribution of content would not only generate inbound links to a website, but, also, traffic to the website.

Multi-Directional Web Marketing

As we fast-forward to twitter boom after 2007, we find that the combination of website marketability, web marketing, and social media marketing creates a new concept of inbound marketing, which we discuss in more detail here.

Enhanced Distribution

At SmartFinds, we develop content for your company and distribute the content through various outlets we manage. We use our creative knowledge to enhance the distribution process through various strategies including:

  • Cross-linking strategies
    Each piece of content contains direct and keyword links that connect to your website and individual webpages. These provide inbound links from each of the distribution websites which drives traffic to your website and builds credibility with search engines.
  • Passive Social Media
    The content is also distributed through various social media channels in an automated fashion to create a constant flow of fresh information to engage your customers. We manage active social media marketing directly with our Social Media Marketing Management services, which is focused on brand relationship marketing.

After the content has been distributed, we measure how well each piece is performing to establish what the most popular channels are. This enables us to determine where and how to focus future efforts optimize distribution results and increase your website’s search ranking.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific needs.