Google AdWords Express Reaching Local Consumers

Google Adwords Express Search Ad SampleGoogle AdWords Express offers businesses a way to reach customers searching for products or services, specifically in their local area.

Your AdWords Express ads will show up next to the search results on web or mobile when customers include a location in their search (ex: “bakery Chicago”). The ads will also show up based on the location and the search term in the local community your ads are targeting.

Google Adwords Express is effectively a highly targeted hyper-local advertising campaign. The targeting is not only based on a community for your advertising campaign, but also allows you to reach communities your physical location may not accomplish with your local business listings alone.

Program Overview

Google AdWords Express works well for:

  • Businesses that want to focus on local customers
  • Businesses that have smaller advertising budgets
  • Businesses that do not have a physical location
  • Smaller businesses that may not have a website

When local consumers search in your requested targeted area for the products or services related to your ads, your business will appear above or beside their search results. Your business will also be marked with a blue pin on Google Maps, helping it stand out to potential customers.

How It Works

Connect With Local Customers
Local consumers will be able to see your online ad for your business through search, maps, and mobile devices for finding their way to your store, office, branch, or franchise.

You Can Advertise Easily
We can setup a Adwords Express campaign much quicker than a regular Adwords program with simple information about your business.

Let Us Manage Your Adwords Express Campaign
Your ads will automatically reach a targeted market no matter what device they may be using – desktop, tablet or mobile phone. No maintenance required on your end, everything is done for you. Reach out  to us Toll-Free at (866) 501-5758, or by email

Google Adwords Express Certified Partner

Google Adwords Certified PartnerSmartFind Internet Marketing was able to meet, achieve and exceed the Google Adwords Partner Certification Program based on performance and maintaining performance with Google Adwords Advertising for our clients.

Google AdWords Certified Partners are online marketing professionals who currently manage Google AdWords Advertising accounts. The professionals must sign up for the program successfully and have an active Google AdWords Advertising account. Professional partners go to extra lengths to attain this status, including passing Google Adwords exams, which demonstrates the in-depth knowledge of AdWords.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific needs, may it be using desktop, tablet or mobile phone. No maintenance required on your end, everything is done for you. Toll-Free at (866) 501-5758 or by email