Hyperlocal Advertising

Hyperlocal website content is targeted at and consumed by people that are located within a well defined area. This would generally be on the scale of a neighborhood or city. Local websites can focus on very specialized topics stories and issues of interest only to people in a very limited area. These topics then allow for conversation amongst the local community.

We take the concept of marketing individual store and franchise locations to their local market to an ever greater extent through local marketing.  Hyperlocal offers you the opportunity to reach a precise demographic within a specific target location.  Through local media venues such as Patch, Daily Voice, Yokel, Examiner, and American Towns, we engage customers in specific neighborhoods to build brand awareness and drive leads and sales for your local office, store or franchise locations.

The local advertising tools available go beyond reaching to direct publications and include Google Adwords Ad Extensions such as “Hyperlocal distance information with location extensions”, which you can learn more with Mobile Advertising.

What Is Hyperlocal Advertising?

Hyperlocal Advertising ManagementHyperlocal is described as advertising placed to target specific demographic audience within a targeted geographic region, which would include a neighborhood or down to a zip code.

Hyperlocal advertising ads allow businesses to promote their business, products and services to a targetd local audience, which is more likely to be interested.

Some key points about hyperlocal advertising:

  • A lower cost because it targets a smaller targeted audience.
  • As an advertiser you have better control over where your ads are displayed.
  • A research study from StreetFight shows that 49% of small- and medium-size business owners are in favor of hyperlocal advertising for its ability to bring new customers to their stores.

At SmartFinds, we will advise you on whether hyperlocal is the right path for you and conduct a competitive hyperlocal assessment to determine if your competition has invested in hyperlocal campaigns.  This helps us understand how to position your hyperlocal strategy to stay ahead of the game.   We then partner with you to create a results-driven hyperlocal strategy and to execute it effectively to bring your local stores and franchise locations more business.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific needs.