Research & Strategy

Understanding your market’s appetite for new ideas is crucial to designing and launching a successful digital marketing program. Research helps us effectively reach your target audience and build an ever-increasing presence on the web for your company.


Need a second set of eyes? Let the experts go to work for you.


Identify opportunities, make informed decisions and utilize innovative strategies.


Understand the target audience, identify patterns, and ensure the most efficient use of your budget.


Form a detailed budget and timeline for acitivites based on goals and results.

Learn From The Pros

Learn from our experts with Smartfinds Marketing’s digital marketing educational series.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Let us help manage third party vendors, project management, and any post-acquisition marketing efforts.

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Let us do the legwork

You need a sense of direction and measurable goals. Research and strategic planning will guide your day-to-day actions and set you up for success.

Strategy With an ROI

Smart decisions are fueled by smart data

In order to develop the right strategy and guide you, we combine market data from a variety of Internet sources. For example, we no longer need to guess what popular keywords are being searched. Instead, we can identify top keywords actually being used in online searches and we can track the volume of those searches.

Our research, strategy, and planning services provide a valuable positive return on investment by making the campaign and budget more effective. Whether you need a website to support your sales staff, to drive new leads, or to conduct online sales and transactions, implementing a comprehensive research, strategy, and planning process will increase your ROI to drive leads and sales or build brand awareness.

Although search engines are important, Google has stated businesses should not rely on search results alone to drive traffic to their websites. For this reason, we focus on implementing a multi-directional marketing campaign to tap into the full power of the Internet to reach your target market.