In a nutshell, marketing analytics is the art of gathering and interpreting the progress of marketing efforts. We collect, organize and evaluate multiple sets and sources of data to assess what is working, what needs adjusting, and what we need to focus on for future efforts. This information helps us determine the path forward.

Google Analytics

The tool you need to better understand your website’s visitors.

Google Search Console

Monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results.

Google Ads

Gauge the effectiveness of your Google AdWords advertising campaign.

Website Metrics

A comprehensive representation of your website’s effectiveness.

Search Engine Keyword Ranking Report

Gain insight regarding the number of keywords your website is ranked for.

Social Media Influence Reports

Determine your breadth of influence within social communities.

Measurement, Analysis, and Interpretation

Interpretation is key in analyzing the data that’s been measured.

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Data and Beyond

Analytics is about more than just the numbers

At SmartFinds, analytics refer to more than just a monthly reporting chart. Analytics encompass an entire living cycle of data gathering, analysis, interpretation, and planning that continues monthly so we can continually assess your progress, make adjustments, and generate new action steps to keep you moving forward.

Data is gathered and analyzed from a wide array of tools and reporting systems including Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Ranking reports, Website Metrics reports, Google Local Activity reports, AdWord Campaign reports, popularity reports, and Social Media tracking tools.

During the Analytics cycle, we watch for trends, improvement, and opportunities. By identifying important patterns or trends in key words and phrases, we can stay on top of what customers are really searching for and how they are searching. We make note of important seasonal or market trends that affect the sales cycle for your business and use those to our benefit when developing out your overall web marketing strategy.

By monitoring improvements, we can see what is working so we can continue those positive results. We also watch for weak points in the strategy so we can collaborate with you to identify the cause of these weaknesses. The collaboration will put action steps in place to strengthen the results as well to ensure we are maximizing all the objectives of your marketing strategy.

Interpretation techniques are not only focused the analysis of individual segments, but includes assessing the entire methodology. The business success in conversions to leads and sales will help change the methodology of the strategy.