Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising helps your brand appear in the right place at the right time. It allows you to target your customers at the very moment they are looking to buy, in particular, while they are active on social media platforms, apps, or websites.

Search Ads 

Promote your visibility on Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Images, and Google Groups when someone searches on keywords selected for the search ad campaign.

Display Ads

Display advertising campaigns rely heavily on multiple ad types, website relevancy, and timing to target the audience most interested in your business.

Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising campaigns are a great tool to use in a multi-channel strategy, putting your business in front of people as they use their iPhones, iPads, smartphones, and tablets.

Re-marketing Ads

Re-marketing ads are used to target website visitors based on their previous behavior or interaction with a web ad where the click actions did not result in a conversion or sales lead.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic ad buying is a sophisticated process that uses visitors’ traffic to scale ad impressions, improving your ROI.

Video Ads 

With over 2 billion monthly active users visiting YouTube worldwide every month, video ads help find customers that you may not have had access to through the traditional TV network.

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Connecting the Dots

Digital advertising is one building block in your overall strategy

Advertising With Pin-Point Targeting

Digital advertising is an important and distinctly unique piece of an overall web marketing strategy. Digital marketing includes many different aspects such as PR, branding, Search Engine Marketing, and digital advertising.

Although it is just one piece of the overall marketing puzzle, digital advertising is an effective way to generate immediate online leads and sales for businesses. We provide comprehensive digital advertising services which include planning, implementing, managing, and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns.

Optimizing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Online advertising correlates with other processes such as Search Engine Marketing. Like digital marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be broken down into individual components including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA).

SEM essentially began years ago with the advent of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements. These still exist today and have paved the way for other SEM strategies. PPC campaigns are one of the most cost-effective online advertising strategies because they allow you to target customers who are actively searching for the products or services you sell. We can also combine and analyze information from your PPC campaign to determine which keywords are most effective for your website’s SEO strategy.