Mobile Marketing

An effective mobile strategy depends on how seamlessly users can interact with a website, application, or content from the convenience of their mobile device. We take a multi-channel approach, prioritizing design, usability, and efficiency when pulling together a mobile strategy.

Mobile Website Development

Ensure mobile visitors to your website have a positive experience with a user-friendly interface.

Mobile Application Development

Build an app to increase interaction with your brand on mobile devices such as a tablets and smartphones.

Web Application Development

Connect with your customers and provide convenient services and information no matter where they are.

Mobile Advertising

Build an effective strategy to increase brand awareness, generate quality leads and sales from mobile users.

NFC Technology

An innovative tool that can be used to promote your brand, collect consumer info and interact with your customers.

QR Codes

Scannable by a smartphone, use this code to lead customers to your website.

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Make a better impression on mobile

People rely on mobile to meet their needs. Is your business up to speed? Take a big leap ahead of your competitors and put this technology to work for you.

Your Brand's Visibility is in Their Hands

Convert mobile visitors wherever they may be

Industry reports indicate over 1.2 billion people now access the web from their mobile devices.  With such a staggering number of users, marketing is now an essential piece of online marketing.  Consumers are using the internet with mobile devices to email, text, interact on social communities, and to search and review local business locations.  In fact, Deloitte Digital reports that 60% of mobile shoppers use their smartphones while in a store and another 50% use them on the way to the store.

At SmartFinds, we help your company build an effective marketing strategy to connect with these users to build brand awareness and generate sales and leads.  Whether you need to develop a mobile website, invest in advertising for devices, create and promote mobile apps and web apps, or are looking to implement the latest technologies, we can guide you through the process so you can effectively market your company to the billion-member mobile community.

Mobile Users and Visitors

There is no secret or a lack of studies showing mobile usage is up, and brands are experiencing website visitors from devices like the iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets.

Businesses do need to address the user experience in order to better convert visitors using these various devices when they visit a website or app. Whether this is done with a separate mobile website, the use of a web app, or a responsive web design website in any case, the user experience requires a change so the traffic can engage in your brand like any desktop user.

The various devices are unique as to how the visitor will interact and subsequently engage with the brand. Certainly marketing and advertising activities and website tracking will reflect the end result to better understand areas requiring improvement(s).

Google recently announced the failure to fix annoying user experiences will now actively hinder your efforts to rank well within search results. The main emphasis of their post is to insure to connect the user to the content they want rather than direct them to an incorrect formatted page for the wrong devices. This report on their webmaster blog pushes further on businesses to take a closer look at how they are managing different devices and visitors from those devices.