Website Landing Pages

Landing pages are single web pages that stand on their own, outside the structure of your website.  The pages are generally accessed through a specific search result, online advertisement, or social media campaign.  Visitors may be directed to a landing page from a direct mailer, in-store promotion, email, or newsletter.

Landing pages are generally part of a Google Adwords Advertising campaign, sales promotion or other external marketing effort.  They provide very specific information about a single topic such as an event, promotion, or new product.  Landing pages help increase quality scores for a Google Adwords Advertising campaign and feature a strong call to action such as registering an RSVP for an event, signing up for emails or newsletters, or requesting information regarding a new product or sales promotion.  Examples of a landing page may include one large graphic page with information about an upcoming sale or workshop,  a contact form to register for an event, or a registration form for emails, texts, newsletters, or other marketing promotions.

Website Landing Pages


Landing Page Design and User Experience

Website landing pages user experience is an area that is important to make landing pages more effective for their objective. The user experience refers to how effective someone’s experience will be when they get to the website landing pages.

How well the use experience is for a Google Adwords campaign can effect the keyword quality scores and in turn the optimized budget of a advertising campaign.

Some areas that can help improve website landing pages user experience and keyword quality score includes:

  • Giving relevant, useful, and original content,
  • Insuring the website has transparency and presents trustworthiness, and
  • Easy navigation for customers to move about the website.

Effective Website Landing Pages Design and Factors for Conversion

  • Clear and concise benefit and value statement for visitors to understand the purpose of the page quickly.
  • The entire page is single focused, with a single message and a single primary call to action (CTA).
  • To increase conversations for lead generation or sales and to make your call to action stand out use whitespace, color, contrast, and directional cues.
  • Most landing pages will have a form to collect information and when this is the primary call to action the visitor must understand the perceived value in order to complete the form.
  • When landing pages are used in conjunction with a Google Adwords Advertising Campaign, supplementary infromation is necessary and would include terms & conditions statement, privacy policy, contact us, copyright, and business information. This avoids sending the visitor to your website, which would detract from the primary call to action of the landing page.

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