Web Strategy and Planning

The Core of Reaching Success

To guide and develop a strategy for you, we combine market data from a variety of Internet sources.  For example, we no longer need to guess what popular keywords are being searched.  Instead, we can identify top keywords actually being used in online searches and we can track the volume of those searches.

Our research, strategy, and planning services provide a valuable positive return on investment by making the campaign and budget more effective.  Whether you need a website to support your sales staff, to drive new leads, or to conduct online sales and transactions, implementing a comprehensive research, strategy, and planning process will increase your ROI to drive leads and sales or build brand awareness.

Although search engines are important, Google has stated businesses should not rely on search results alone to drive traffic to their websites.  For this reason, we focus on implementing a multi-directional marketing campaign to tap into the full power of the Internet to reach your target market.

Strategy and Planning Segments

Web Research Strategy and Planning

  • Industry Research
    In order to develop a strategy, we need to understand your business, your products, and your services.  This includes learning about your industry, market, and revenue sources.  By understanding these facets of your business, we are able to develop a strategy and a plan to effectively guide your Internet marketing campaign…continue >
  • Market Research
    To create a successful strategy, we need to answer important questions like how to reach your target market?  To do this, we analyze key phrases that are being searched, the volume of those searches, and how much competition we have in the campaign.  A SmartFinds we include research third party websites, forums, blogs, and much more to discover how your target audience uses the Internet…continue >
  • Competition and Competitor Research
    Internet metrics such a Page Rank, Traffic Rank, Link Popularity and Keyword Density for any website are public information. We use these metrics to provide guidelines and goals to reach for when creating a marketing campaign focused on a sustained presence within the Internet community…continue >
  • Strategy Development
    Analysis of research data helps determine different aspects of the marketing strategy.  These may include ascertaining the type of content marketing needed or guiding changes needed on your website.  It answers questions like is an advertising campaign possible?  Should we use affiliate marketing? E-newsletter marketing?  These and many other questions are answered to develop a strategy that can be measured and managed every step of the way…continue >
  • Business Plan Development
    Does the strategy have potential to increase revenues?   How much revenue can it potentially increase short term and long term? Based the campaign objectives and your profit margins we can provide you an estimate for the return on your investment into your own company…continue >
  • Consultation for Business Marketing
    Investment firms, corporations, entrepreneurs, and holding companies find themselves interested in new opportunities.  However, they may have questions regarding new investments and acquisitions such as how large the market is for a particular industry?  How well does the company being acquired perform on the web? How much marketing investment above the acquisition investment will it require to succeed or how long will it take? With 20 years’ experience in marketing and advertising, we have the resources and ability to answer these questions…continue >