Preparing and Managing Website Marketing

The technical aspect of website marketability includes all of the nuts and bolts to put the website tracking tools in place.  We implement strategies and tools to track what people are doing within your website in order to make it more effective.

Website Technical Marketing

At SmartFinds we have a technical checklist of over 50 lines items, which we have developed over the past 20 years of our Internet marketing experience. The checklist is changed as the industry changes to insure the website is technically ready for being marketable to the world.

The process includes the per page optimization based on the content and keywords of each page of the website. Additionally images, categories, tags which are important to the marketing process are included to insure the search engines are gathering as much information as possible about the website.

Setting up accounts in targeted websites that support tracking and marketing are equally included in this process. This would include Alexa, Google, Bing as the primary locations. If a web marketing program is part of the strategy then other accounts are setup as well.

Website Technical Marketing

These tools include:

Google Analytics

This service implements a marketing focus and provides detailed analytics about a websites traffic including volume and sources.  It will track visitors from various sources including search engines, social media sites, referring websites, and direct visits.

Google Webmaster Tools

These tools implement a technical focus to provide relevant information about keyword searches relevant to the site, inbound links to the site, and more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

This includes tools your company may use to create and manage customer interactions.  A CRM may capture and store data such as customer information, contact details, sales and marketing history, and relevant business notes.

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