Website Development Technologies

The technology of the internet and web development is ever changing.  This is due to the introduction of new browsing tools such as mobile phones, tablets, and other personal devices. Website developers have been required to create and manage these new types of websites to accommodate different types of website visitors.  The current types of websites now include standard, mobile, and responsive methods of development.  Each type of website offers a different experience suited to users visiting on various devices.

The website technologies required will depend on the type of website being development. This will include how the website will be maintained to the type of audience visiting the website.

Standard Website Technologies

Standard websites deliver the traditional browsing experience, intended to be viewed on a computer.  These websites may not be compatible with mobile devices or tablets, and generally contain the full spectrum of content and data.

Responsive Website Design Technology

Responsive websites were created as a middle ground and provides an optimal user experience. Response web design adapts to a range of devices (including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets).  This type of website technology ensures easy reading and navigation. This can be done with minimal resizing and scrolling required, scaling photos, images, and artwork appropriately.  With a responsive website, companies only have to develop and manage one website to work across an array of devices.

Website Technologies

Mobile Website Technology

With the development of internet-enabled mobile devices, web developers had to create a new version of a business website. The new version has to be compatible with small personal devices.  Mobile websites must be developed and managed independently of the standard website, doubling your online efforts.  These sites generally offer a scaled-down version of the full site, with fewer graphics and limited capacities.

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