Website Development

We provide comprehensive website development services.  We are unique because we provide these services from a marketing standpoint to ensure your website development process effectively reaches your target audience and meets your sales or informational objectives.  With over 20 years in the internet industry, we also have the necessary expertise to manage the ever-changing technology of your website and to implement the necessary programming to optimize your online presence and user-experience.

Whether you need a new website development or want to redesign your old one, we will partner with you to ensure it is optimized for the best customer viewing experience, is compliant with  W3C industry programming standards, and is strategically designed to represent your company, reach your target audience, and meet your objectives (generating leads, sales, or providing sales support).

This process is an ongoing effort and includes:

  • Staying current with evolving Internet and Website Technologies
  • Maintaining W3C Compliance
  • Developing the Creative, Structure, and Content of your website
  • Selecting a Client Management System (CMS) for your website
  • Executing the Programming and Assembly for your website

A business website has to continually evolve, mature and change as the Internet industry changes. For the website to compete, simply having a well optimized website is not going to be enough. Coding structure that meets search engine algorithms that include and Open Graph Protocol are necessary. The user experience visitors receive when they browse your website not only has to be engaging and welcoming, but it must be able to meet the objectives of the business. Lastly, the design, layout, features, and functionality has to be current otherwise visitors will view your website as outdated.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific needs.