Social Media Marketing

Social media is about having a conversation.  The best way to be a good conversationalist is by listening first. We research where your customers talk about you, what they’re saying, how they behave, and what they want in the branded relationship. By analyzing the research we can help develop a strategy across multiple social communities to deliver the brand message.

The world wide web has become one large community with several communities in which consumers interact and share information. Our team uses the dynamic social ecosystem, delivering your brand’s message, listening to your audience, and participating in ongoing conversations. To build an effective social media presence, you should participate in a minimum of five major communities including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube and within any relevant professional forums.

The World of Social Communities

To succeed in social communities, we will be both publishers of brand marketing assets and participants in conversations. Picking the social communities where you will spend your time will help ensure success. Effective social media interactions require you to post and respond to others’ posts. It is about a two-way engagement with consumers and industry partners. This can be accomplished in two ways:

SmartFinds Social Media Marketing

Active Social Media Use
Active social media interactions are more labor intensive because they require someone to actively engage with online community members by generating conversations, posting comments, and actively participating in discussions with others.

Passive Social Media Use
Passive social media use is the syndication of information through automated means to social communities. This includes distribution of content to websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, professional forums, and via RSS feeds.

Article & Content Strategy 

Social media marketing includes distributing your content (articles, news, photos, images, videos, TV commercials, radio spots and much more) through various outlets . The manner in which this information is submitted to each community and the assets that are being used helps to get audience engagement. Ultimately, audience engagement creates the valuable viral marketing social communities provide.

As the social media marketing process is executed, managed, and measured, we will be able to identify conversations for brand participation and influencers. The participation and engagement creates brand evangelists who will help increase traffic and boost sales. Using your HootSuite Pro, Google Analytics, Klout and individual Social Community Metrics we track and measure your social media marketing strategies to continually improve our efforts. This process requires your involvement to better understand the results to your business.

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