Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Concept DiagramInbound marketing is raising the awareness about a company with a multi-channel marketing approach. this is accomplished by combining your website’s marketability, content marketing, and social media marketing to help show expertise and generate earned website visitors

If inbound marketing is the convergence of multiple organic marketing channels, then by definition, inbound marketing refers to web marketing activities bringing customers to you when they’re ready, rather than you pushing your advertising and interrupting their actions when browsing the web.

Inbound Marketing Evolution

Inbound marketing is how web marketing has evolved of the life of the commercial Internet.

  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Website search engine optimization was the beginnings going back to the 1990’s when businesses and marketers were seeking keyword ranking position.
  • Content Marketing
    Organic Marketing using links and content was the beginnings of content marketing in which you did not spend advertising dollars rather sought out earned website traffic. Developing the various content such as editorial articles, news releases, videos, photos, documents and then distributing this content to show your authority and generate viral distribution of the content is the content marketing process. You are essentially sharing yoru business expertise, insights and opinions with the rest of the world.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing helped to evolve the process of engaging directly with your customers where they are and being available when they needed you.

By taking all three of these strategic marketing processes, Inbound Marketing generates the awareness and interest for earned customers. The Inbound Marketing process makes a company easily found through multiple sources (e.g. search engines, social communities, news communities) and ultimately drives website traffic that is of higher quality and more likely to become a lead or sale.

Therefore, Inbound Marketing does not rely soley on search engines to drive traffic, but rather from multiple sources that will include third party topic relevant websites and social communities. From this perspective, the website visitors are more likely to generate a sale based on a company that promotes their expertise.