Mobile Website Development

The number of mobile devices being created and used is increasing exponentially. There are so many different types of mobile devices ranging from laptops to tablets, to smartphones, that there is no consistent size from one company to the next. Mobify Research and Development reports that no one screen size has more than 20% of the market. Because of this, it is essential to create a mobile website that can provide a positive user experience no matter the device.

Keep Up with Ever-Changing Technology

With over 20 years in the internet industry, we have the necessary expertise to manage the ever-changing technology of your website and to implement the necessary programming to optimize your online presence and user-experience. We can help you determine whether you should develop a standard and mobile website or a responsive website to best fit the needs of your company and consumers.

Take Advantage of Innovative Website Designs

For example, we offer responsive website development services to provide an optimal user experience that adapts to a range of devices (including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets). This type of web design ensures easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing and scrolling required, scaling photos, images, and artwork appropriately. With a responsive website, companies only have to develop and manage one website to work across the vast array of mobile devices on the market.

Responsive Web Design for Mobile Websites

Why Responsive Website Design Is A Good Industry Practice

    iPad Mobile Website Development

  1. Google states responsive web design is the recommended mobile development platform and suggests responsive web design as the industry best practice. Google has good reason to make such a strong statement in that responsive web design serves the same HTML for multiple device types and using only CSS to display each device. Additionally, managing responsive design websites with one URL and the same HTML, regardless of device type, makes it easier for the business not to mention more efficient for Google to crawl, index, and organize content of the website.
  2. Responsive website design provides a multi-device user-experience including screen sizes. This important capability helps to anticipate all the devices and screen sizes visitors to your website will use. A website that works well regardless of these variables will provide a consistent user-experience than a separate mobile website that tend to have a fixed device experience.
  3. Lastly, managing one website and one that works on any marketing campaign or advertising campaign is much easier than managing two sites and two types of campaigns. This is a key advantage a responsive website has over a separate mobile site.

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