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Google AdWords advertising helps with Google AdWords ads next to Google search results to boost website traffic and sales. Included in Google Adwords Advertising are five different advertising channels including search, mobile, video, display ads, and remarketing advertising through Google and Google’s Ad Network. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service is largely focused on keywords.  Google began selling advertising with AdWords, keyword-based search advertising, on October 23, 2000. AdWords first launched with 350 customers. Today, it is responsible for tens of billions of US dollars in yearly revenue.

Precedent Insurance Taps SmartFinds Internet Marketing For Digital Marketing Campaign

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, September 25, 2009 - With the number of uninsured in the United States continually rising, Precedent Insurance has launched affordable individual health insurance for the estimated three million uninsured young, healthy adults in the state of Texas with SmartFinds Internet Marketing. SmartFinds Internet Marketing provides corporations with complete digital marketing solutions. CEO Melih Oztalay has 13 years experience with Internet and digital services in developing strategies that utilize all facets of the World Wide Web. "There is more to the digital marketplace beyond a website, search engine and advertising," said Oztalay. "Businesses need to embrace the web head-on. Precedent Insurance has made this commitment and we are excited to be part of this new revolutionary individual health insurance." "Precedent is offering Texans a ground-breaking suite of individual health plans that meet the specific needs of the young and healthy, especially the uninsured," said Mike Grandstaff, Precedent's CEO. "We are offering very affordable coverage with the built-in flexibility to increase coverage levels through our 'Coverage on Demand' model, which is truly unique to the industry." Coverage on Demand™ allows individuals to purchase a highly affordable lower level of coverage, with the guaranteed ability to increase their level of [...]

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Google Grants Managed by SmartFinds Internet Marketing for Non-Profits

Birmingham, Michigan, October 29, 2008 - SmartFinds Internet Marketing ( is pleased to announce a new offering specifically geared towards Non-Profit Organizations that would like to utilize Google Grants awards to get the most out of their advertising campaigns. Google Grants provides free Google AdWords advertising to various 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations through an in-kind donation of up to $10,000 per month. SmartFinds can provide assistance with the entire Google Grants process from application submittal to the daily campaign management and effective optimization. The SmartFinds team will bring their previous success with several AdWords advertising campaigns, knowledge of various online advertising research tools, and a Certified Google AdWords professional to assist with the management of each organization's account. "We understand that time and resources are extremely valuable to Non-Profits and each of these come into play with any advertising campaign. We hope to fill these needs and look forward to achieving great results for Non-Profits with the aid of Google Grants," says Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartFinds Internet Marketing. As part of the service offering SmartFinds offers customized options to meet the various needs of Non-Profit Organizations including daily account management and the setup, including all creative and technical aspects, [...]

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