Published On: May 25, 2012

The Insults Live Wallpaper, an interactive and customizable live wallpaper that insults you on your Android mobile phone

May 24, 2012 (Ann Arbor, MI): Tabus Nine Computing (, a mobile application developer for the Android operating system, has announced a new live wallpaper for Android devices. The live wallpaper, the Insults Live Wallpaper, draws from a large database of insults, both modern insults and Shakespearean, to undermine your self-esteem.

“The Insults Live Wallpaper was distributed for free with ad support,” said Austin Mueller and Ben Oztalay, co-owners of Tabus Nine, “The wallpaper features four different display modes, which each allow the user to customize the style in which they are insulted”.

The main Display Mode, “Drifting”, displays the insult in the color of your choice, while the last few words of the insult float by in the background for emphasis.

The other three Display Modes feature customization of text size and font. The Display Mode “Normal” displays the insult in your choice of color. The Display Mode “Flashing” displays the insult in randomly flashing colors. Lastly, the Display Mode “Obnoxious” displays the insult in flashing colors while randomly capitalizing the letters.

If the user enables interaction by touch, a new insult will be picked from the database and displayed where the screen was touched. However, the placement of the insult is fixed in the “Drifting” Display Mode. Otherwise, a new insult will be waiting for the user whenever the Live Wallpaper can’t be seen.

“It’s definitely meant to be a funny wallpaper,” the developers were sure to clarify, “We have no intentions of personally insulting our users, and all of the insults are clean. We haven’t seen anything else like it out there, so we thought we would put it together in a way that looks good, then offer it to our users for free.”

The Insults Live Wallpaper can be downloaded for free from Google Play here or visit

About Tabus Nine

Tabus Nine Computing was founded in 2011 to create Android applications, as well as perform artificial intelligence research by Austin Mueller and Ben Oztalay. Both company founders are Computer Science and Engineering majors at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can connect with them through various social communities at: