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Improve Your Website Performance and Technologies in 2020

As we head into 2020, many changes have taken place in the world of digital marketing and website performance. These include separating your website’s services, designing with 5G in mind, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), creative design, and security. 2020 websites are going to undergo an evolution in this fast-changing industry. You will find many topics in this article that talk about change. It is important for businesses to not fight these changes. The 4 A's of Digital Marketing include Anticipate Change, Accept Change, Adapt to Change, and Adopt the Changes. Are you ready and able to roll with the changes? Separating Your Website’s Performance Services A website has many services in order for it to live on the Internet’s world wide web (WWW). The Registrar, Domain Name Services (DNS), Hosting Provider, E-Mail, E-Commerce, Content Delivery Network (CDN) to name a few important segments used by most businesses. Each of these segments has become its own science, technology, process, and service. To that end, decentralizing your website’s services to separate service providers would improve your website’s performance and security. At the same time, you will reduce the risk of one area affecting another. It is time to re-think how [...]

Using Expert Tools Will Insured A Well Performing Website

Expert tools in the world of information makes managing a website's health and performance easy. A business has many performance tools to choose from. These performance expert tools help a company improve their web presence. A healthy website has improved search engine visibility, speed and include improved user experience. The most important thing to remember is these expert tools are free! You will find they recommend corrections to improve various web and website metrics. After all, you spent time and money to build a website to make you proud. The website looks the way you desired. The website has the information you want to present to visitors. What do you need, right? A healthy functioning website will have many advantages. The advantages include higher conversion rates from website visitors, higher search engine rankings, and improved digital marketing performance. The below-listed expert tools provide a wealth of information. You can be downright foolish to not take a few minutes to learn about these tools. After all, who needs a well-performing website, right? Let’s take at look at the technical items Google is looking to be included with a healthy website. Then we can review tools, which will ensure you are meeting [...]

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Compuware Gomez Launches Online Tool to Calculate the Financial Impact of Slow Web Site Performance

Designed for line of business and e-commerce professionals, the new Compuware Financial Analysis Support Tool (F.A.S.T. Calculator) helps companies calculate how much revenue is at risk from slow web page load times. Launched today at the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York City.

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