Gas Station Store Local Marketing Changes To Reach Mobile Searchers

On-the-go consumers using their mobile devices to search for the nearest gas stations make split-second decisions based on many factors. These include gas stations showing up in the search engine results, if the local business listings include marketing materials, and if their ratings and reviews make them competitive with the gas stations across the street. This means that, in a competitive and saturated market of gas stations coupled with tech-savvy mobile shoppers, gas station and convenience store owners have to change their marketing strategies. While mobile searches do not account for all business to a gas station, this would in fact be incremental business that is currently being missed. A multi-channel web marketing strategy is crucial to capture and retain consumers through the digital mediums. This effort would include standard web searches, mobile searches, and more importantly, managing the ratings and reviews within the local business listings. Three Questions To Determine Local Marketability Of A Gas Station There are three marketing questions to be answered for gas station and convenience stores: 1. Can you be found in desktop and mobile search results for something as simple as "gas stations"? 2. If you are able to be found, do you have [...]

Lead Generators For Local Automotive Stores Are Losing Their Effectiveness

Lead generators for local automotive dealership stores are losing their effectiveness and are replaced by local business marketing tools on the web to reach local consumers using local business listings.

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