Powerful Social Media Marketing Nurturing Gets You More Results

A noticeable change in social media marketing is the overuse of automation tools like Hootsuite or SocialOoomph. Businesses have turned social media automation into something that seems to resemble broadcast radio. Posting large volumes of tweets and updates happen fast with automation tools. Now imagine every business, regardless of their industry, doing the exact same thing. Automated postings have inundated social communities to a point that no one is listening anymore. Unfortunately, businesses have overused social media automation tools to be the end of their marketing efforts. They are seeking efficient (not necessarily effective) ways of getting their message out, in a fast manner, and do so at a low cost. Low cost to these businesses includes low to no labor. Of course, these quick tactics are not effective and do more harm than good. The question we have to ask ourselves is how effective is broadcasting your message in bulk? How effective is it to wait for people to come to you? With every business broadcasting to the social communities, how likely is it for someone to listen on the other end? It is more likely people have become numb to the broadcasts and do not even recognize there [...]

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Will You Use LinkedIn Hashtags For Business Marketing?

LinkedIn Hashtags! The buzz in the digital marketing industry is about LinkedIn announcing they now will support hashtags in Posts! Ok, so, the truth is they are going to support hashtags, again. This will change how businesses can get their message out in a powerful way. LinkedIn members will now have the ability to search content within LinkedIn giving 450 million people the ability to share topics, thoughts, expertise related to the world of business. Millions of professionals use LinkedIn to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences across different industries and topics from all over the world. LinkedIn hashtags from LinkedIn posts will give you the ability to tap into this knowledge at your fingertips using your mobile device. LinkedIn's new content search on the LinkedIn mobile app will allow mobile users to click a hashtag to search a topic. This will give them the opportunity to find relevant articles published on LinkedIn Posts LinkedIn Hashtags For Mobile Devices At the moment the functionality is only available for mobile devices and in English. LinkedIn does plan on expanding the functionality across the globe. If you’re on your desktop device and see a hashtag you cannot click it. While this limiting [...]

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LinkedIn Marketing Series: Using LinkedIn Groups To Expand Your Reach To Prospects

LinkedIn groups is a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to engage in a dialogue to share information, learn from each other, establish yourself as a subject matter expert and much more. The groups have become you can exchange and share experiences, business knowledge, interests and ideas with a broad variety of individuals from around the world. image Source: LinkedIn.com According to LinkedIn there are over 2 million groups covering a variety of topics and different industries from start-ups to manufacturing to plumbing and much more. You are only allowed to be a member of 50 LinkedIn groups. While that may sound like quite a bit, think about the benefits of being in unlimited number of groups. Even if you are not involved in the ongoing discussions, you will find groups gives you the ability to direct message fellow group members, the ability to help your search rankings within LinkedIn and to be found within groups. To be perfectly honest, if LinkedIn gave me the option to be in 100 groups, I certainly would not hesitate. Some statistics from LinkedIn: People who post or engage in Group discussions get an average of 4 times as [...]

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LinkedIn Marketing Series: Using Advertising with Sponsored Updates

Last week we laid a foundation by setting up and updating our LinkedIn company page in our LinkedIn marketing series, "Effectively Using Your LinkedIn Company Page". This was a critical step in order to begin using sponsored updates and other advertising services within LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a significant advertising tool for the B2B community with a highly-targeted communications channel that offers your business a great opportunity. We learned in our first article in this series, "Managing Your Profile and Updates" LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network with roughly 300 million members in more than 200 countries making LinkedIn a good advertising channel. Image Source: LinkedIn.com Aside from the large volume of business members, LinkedIn does provide a “smaller” audience for advertising compared to Google. This gives LinkedIn the opportunity to help you achieve a precise reach at a level you cannot get with Google. This type of targeting includes industry, geography, company, job title, their role in the company, and even LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn advertising is designed as a self-service solution allowing you to create and place ads within the LinkedIn.com website based on your targeting options. LinkedIn members can click on your ads, engage in your ads, follow [...]

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LinkedIn Marketing Series: Effectively Using Your LinkedIn Company Page

As we continue our LinkedIn Marketing series, we are going to learn and simplify the use of your company page. Before you can use the company page option in LinkedIn you need a personal profile, which you can learn more about in last week's article "LinkedIn Marketing Series: Managing Your Profile and Updates". Image Source: LinkedIn.com The relationship you have between your business and your customers has become more important than ever. How you present your company to you prospects, clients, and partners is equally important to development and maintain relationships. Brand marketing of your business is not about advertising tasks as much as it is about marketing process activities using engaging and informative information. This is about showing your authority and knowledge to your customers to earn their attention. Does this take more time and energy on your part? Absolutely. You're in this for the long haul. Besides buying ads, email lists, or hoping for a miracle is not what will pull quality people toward your company for long term success. This is about your sharing your knowledge, your website information, industry topics and more. The reality is people tune out promotional messages in favor of useful and engaging [...]

LinkedIn Marketing Series: Managing Your Profile and Updates

LinkedIn has become the world's largest business network with 300 million members in over 200 countries around the world. Officially launched in 2003, LinkedIn has successfully connected the world's professionals to each other and grown to include sections like your personal profile, company profiles, connections with other people from around the world, jobs, groups, education and LinkedIn's own publication called Pulse. Just as much as consumers local shopping habits have changed over the years, the same holds true in being a successful marketer of your business. This is less about being technology savvy as much as being savvy using social communities. Expecting change, adapting to the change and adopting the changes to your business marketing activities is the way to being competitive and meeting your marketing objectives in today's world. If you're thinking LinkedIn is only for business to business and that you won't get customers, you may want to consider the value of your LinkedIn personal and company profiles as they relate to validating you through Google search results to your customers. The value of maintaining your business presence through LinkedIn goes beyond the LinkedIn community. Using the sections of LinkedIn is probably more about understanding what they are [...]

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