Conquer Winter and Take Advantage of Spring with the 2017 Land Rover LR4

The truly dynamic Land Rover LR4, also referred to as the Land Rover Discovery, gives drivers the privilege of enjoying all four seasons with exceptional comfort, performance, and off-road capabilities. The desire to live an active lifestyle shouldn’t be limited due to nasty seasonal road conditions. For those who want to continue to be active year-round and need a vehicle to match their adventurous lifestyle, the 2017 Land Rover LR4 is the answer. The LR4 is comprised of a well-balanced split personality, offering comfort and performance for the daily commute, as well as exceptional handling and off-road capabilities for weekend adventures. Comfort and Connectivity in All Terrain The 2017 Land Rover LR4 that is set to be released early this year, has a redesigned exterior to be more appealing by substituting flowing lines for the previous models’ sharp corners. The added technology features for entertainment, navigation, and much more give the driver a sense of overall connectivity with the vehicle. Three spacious rows of comfortable leather seating make the LR4 the perfect SUV for road trips and getaways. If you’re traveling by yourself or just one other person and need some extra cargo room, the second and third rows are individually foldable [...]

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Enjoy Space, Comfort, and Luxury in the 2017 Land Rover Discovery

With up to seven full-size seats, the 2017 Land Rover Discovery brings new levels of comfort to the SUV class. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery combines form, function, and exemplary finesse to create one of the most compelling SUV’s on the market. To begin, the vehicle’s exterior design has been reimagined for a future generation with definitively crafted and refined surfaces. The interior design is decorated with premium leather, authentic wood, and metal finishers that supplement the modernity of the precise dashboard design. The 2017 Land Rover offers one of the most spacious cabins ever available in an SUV and a panoramic roof that lets in a flood of natural light when opened. The 2017 Discovery is for drivers who are in need of ample room, but value comfort, technology, and style. At Land Rover Santa Barbara, customers can speak with our Land Rover experts to learn more about the 2017 Discovery and other Land Rover models. Experience the Future with the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Some of the most impressive additions to the 2017 Land Rover Discovery come in the form of technology. For instance, the seven full-size seats may not seem like a brand new idea that is [...]

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Land Rover Continues to Increase Efficiency with 2017 Diesel Models

Land Rover commits to reducing emissions without compromising performance thanks to the latest line-up of diesel engine options for 2017. There are many different alternative fuel options available that help drivers reduce their carbon footprint while still offering the power and capability drivers crave.   Land Rover has recently integrated these options in the 2017 model line-up which includes diesel options with both the 2017 Range Rover Sport and the 2017 Range Rover. Diesel fuel has been around for a long time, but continues to evolve to be even cleaner and more efficient year after year. It is one of the most efficient fuels in existence and is much less processed than gasoline. Gallon per gallon, it delivers more energy and goes further than most other fuels including gasoline. Save on Fuel and Emissions with Td6 Technology The improved fuel efficiency of the Td6 engine is a great choice for drivers and commuters.   This equates to significant savings at the pump for drivers who log a lot of miles during their daily commute or cross-country travels. This is because thanks to the efficiency of new compression-ignition diesel engines, diesel fuel delivers much better mileage than gasoline. This means fewer fill-ups for [...]

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