Your dentist said you need a Root Canal – Now what?

Nobody looks forward to hearing a dentist say, “you need a root canal.” Fortunately, these days there is little to fear. Whether it’s caused by tooth decay, an unexpected injury, or a dental emergency, when tooth pain comes up, it’s important to address it as soon as possible. By taking immediate steps, you’ll feel better and likely save your tooth. And that means making an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can. After examining you the dentist may say, “you need a root canal.” For some people, those words trigger an “Oh, no” reaction accompanied by a large dose of anxiety and fear. That’s unfortunate, because the idea that root canal treatments are a painful and long process is inaccurate, based on myths that are now long outdated. Good News, Better News In fact, your dentist’s diagnosis should be welcomed because a root canal treatment can correct a gum or root problem that if left untreated could cause loss of teeth. The good news is that modern dental techniques along with significant advances in instrument technology have minimized or completely eliminated the discomfort associated with a root canal procedure: Modern treatments are pain-free and generally require only one [...]

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Lean Thinking Will Reveal Some Leadership Lessons from Jazz Musicians

Lean thinking can help you see things from a broader perspective. Lean thinking will help you derive leadership lessons from a Jazz performance. The following are some of the leadership lessons that one could get from Jazz. To many, Jazz and leadership have nothing in common. To the few that can see the broader perspective, they find a lot of lessons to lift from how jazz is played, and how they can be bought into the boardroom. Whether you are an executive at a company, or you are an entrepreneur, there are some important lessons you could take from Jazz players. Taking Risks Playing it safe will never move you forward. If anything, it gets you booed off stage. While everyone else boos a Jazz player who tried to play it safe and it backfired, take a lesson that business is all about taking risks. Many entrepreneurs and executives cringe at the thought of taking massive risks in today’s volatile economy. Businesses grow when they are able to overcome risks and perform in the face of adversity. Listen You learn more by listening to those around you than by playing yourself. Jazz players have spent hours listening to their tutors [...]

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What heavy pattern has a hold on you?

Hello My Conscious Friends! Dr. Sarah, here. And welcome to video 210. Now, this topic of a pattern. The last video I did was on patterns. So if you didn’t get a chance to check it out, be sure to do it, because it does explain what a pattern is and some ways that it can show up in your life. Now today what we’re gonna do is focus in on a pattern that you’re aware of, that’s in your life, that not serving you, that’s not working for you, that may be really heavy for you. Guided Exercise: So, what I’m gonna have you do is close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing. Now, tune in to a pattern that is heavy for you. It could be a pattern in a relationship. It could be a pattern that you have with you. It could be a pattern that you have with anything that’s not working for you, that may be heavy for you. So, tune in now to the content of this pattern. What do you notice? What are you aware of? What are the heavy thought, feelings, and emotions that are comprised of it, and just allow that energy to come up now, and be present with you. And now, [...]

New 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe to arrive in late 2019

The latest offering will combine looks with versatility Mercedes-Benz touted the original CLA an “instant classic” when it first launched but admits that the new model — expected to be available for purchase towards the end of this calendar year — offers even more enhanced design and “supercharged intelligence.” The carmaker has attained addition from subtraction, simplifying lines without changing the overall style of what has become one of its most popular vehicles. One long, fluid line reaches the front of the hood and extends over frameless doors, to the tail. On the inside, the dashboard resembles a wing shape that showcases the amount of technology that will help define this coupe. Mercedes-Benz wants users to know about the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, or MBUX. The technology allows the driver and/or passengers to communicate with the vehicle by way of voice commands, which can begin with a straightforward “Hey Mercedes.” Hand gestures will play a big role, with the vehicle tech even figuring out whether gestures are made by the driver or front-seat passenger. Moving a hand in the dark will prompt a light to go on, for example. The up-and-coming CLA Coupe offers ‘brilliance in every curve’ When the 2020 [...]

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One Bad Month in a Great 2018: Can Lean Thinking Help U.S Manufacturing Have a Better 2019?

The American technology manufacturing sector seemed not to have much to smile about after the release of orders volume data for December 2018 by the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT). The data revealed that total orders in the sector had modestly reduced year-over-year. 2018 had been a strong year though. December results were just a small blemish on what would have otherwise been a perfect year for the sector. Numbers for all the other months have also been released and they look impressive. Orders in the technology manufacturing sector summed up to $443 million in December 2018. This was a 2 percent decrease from November orders. However, the orders were higher by 6 percent than a similar time in December 2017. The drop was unprecedented, as the orders have always been expected to rise. For the 23 years that the data has been released, a drop in December’s numbers from those of November has only been recorded 4 times. Not Enough Lean Thinking? The drop was unexpected, given that the rest of the year had been impressive. The AMT attributed the drop partly to the government shutdown and the U.S-China trade war. Could lean thinking and proper planning have been [...]

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Are you aware of the patterns in your life?

Have you ever considered looking at your life in terms of patterns, like things have showed up repeatedly over and over again and have a nature of happening over and over again? Sometimes patterns could be light and sometimes patterns could be heavy.   Hello My Conscious Friends! Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 209. If we look at a heavy pattern, what we could do is really get in tune with it by stepping back and reflecting on what is showing up, like being in the awareness of it. Now, I encourage people to look at patterns rather than getting caught up in the content of things. A lot of times when we get caught up in the content, which is a lot of thought, feelings, and emotions… and then we get stuck there! We’re meant to step back, be aware of these patterns, and then ask what would I like to change about this? How can I change this? What would it take? A Space to BE With Take a moment to tune in and ask yourself the following questions. What patterns are you aware of? Do you find yourself caught up in the content of any given situation? What would it be like to no longer get stuck in your thoughts, feelings, and emotions? [...]

Dr. Sarah’s Blog Talk Radio Show with Sarah Grandinetti and Cassy Summers

Tune in on May 20 at 6 pm for Dr. Sarah’s Blog Talk Radio Show with Sarah Grandinetti and Cassy Summers The Dr. Sarah Blog Talk Radio Show is a 30-minute variety show that encourages and empowers people to live their life in a conscious way. Each episode is unique unto itself, covering a number of different topics and ideas that are fueled by the questions of the listeners as well as by the guests that are brought on the show. As the host, Dr. Sarah not only touches upon ways to actively live consciously, she also provides a variety pragmatic tools and techniques that listeners can take with them and use in their daily life. The show provides a virtual venue where people can come, be and receive a variety of different pragmatic tools and information that allow them to have greater access to conscious choice and possibilities as well as change and contribution.     LISTEN HERE: Sarah Grandinetti (left) and Cassy Summers (right) About Sarah Grandinetti and Cassy Summers: Sarah Grandinetti and Cassy Summers, better known as “Sassy” are changing the way we see beauty. While sharing the energy of oneness as a possibility, they infuse their “THIS IS [...]

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At the Holmes Collision Center Customers Matter Most

Experts can fix problems on all vehicle makes and models, guaranteed Accidents happen. They also tend to happen when you least expect them, which can make any situation stressful. When it comes to automobiles, some problems are obvious while others affect your ride in the worst kind of way. But don’t sweat it because the trained professionals at the Holmes Collision Center will quell your fears and have you (and your vehicle) back on the road before you know it. That’s because we have a dedicated team of utmost trained professionals who specialize in fixing Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Honda brands. However, these experts will fix any make and model and have it looking brand new. The professionals here have the qualifications any customer expects, along with years of experience coupled with the knowledge and skills to assure that customers are treated with respect and receive the highest quality care and service they not only desire but expect. We have one major goal here: limiting the hassle on your end. This is why we provide both towing and rental assistance at your convenience, at a moment’s notice. A streamlined process that will get you in and out and [...]

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Lean Thinkers Know the Essence of the Perfect Working Environment

Farmers use greenhouses to provide the perfect conditions for the growth of their plants. The conditions in a greenhouse are often set to ensure maximum benefit to plants. Compare that to planting the same plant in a cold and dark plot. The yield obtained from the two places would be very different. Thinking from that perspective, one can’t help but wonder why many companies provide working environments that are reeling with depravity instead of being enabling. Your work environment should foster great imagination, ideas, and innovation rather than deprive you of space to breath. It’s a conversation that you ought to have with yourself. You have to find out whether your work environment is set to foster your development or to hold you down in one place. Lean Thinking is Key How do you do that? You’ll accomplish that by practicing lean thinking. You have to start seeing everything from others perspective. Creativity and innovation make the better part of the recipe for success. They both involve being different and thinking out of the ordinary. That’s what lean thinking and learning are all about. The windowless beige cubes that many organizations have become fond of will foster no creativity or [...]

Are you a conclusionist?

Hello My Conscious Friends! Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 206. Are you quick to conclude? How many conclusions do you have? How many times a day do you just assume things, generalize, and conclude whatever’s going on? Rather than being in the question? Now when we conclude, we limit ourselves to whatever it is we’re thinking, without the possibility of something coming in differently, which is a lot of times where we get stuck. We get stuck in conclusion, but as soon as we ask a question, it can really free it up. So, let’s do an exercise today. Guided Exercise: Go ahead and close your eyes, and bring your attention to your breathing, and just notice your breathing. Now tune in to an area that you’re concluding in your life, or one specific conclusion. And just notice the energy on that, everywhere you’re assuming something, generalizing. Now, let’s take a deep breath in, and release all that energy on the exhale. Wow, that’s intense. Let’s do that again. Another deep breath in, all the heavy conclusions that you have, and now release it all on the exhale. Wow. So you may find that you need to do some ongoing clearing around conclusions because they can be such a limitation in our world, and in our living. The key [...]

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