Google Maps and Local Business Listing As Your Website

//Google Maps and Local Business Listing As Your Website

Google Maps and Local Business Listing As Your Website

Although the Internet gives us the ability to reach out and sell our products and services over the Internet worldwide, there are businesses that are dependent upon the local consumer in order to generate revenue. If you are such a business (large or small) you will want to get your local business listing update on up to 30 different local listing websites.

More importantly if you are a smaller business, the local business listing can become your website. This is a free alternative to having a complicated website, domain names, email and having to worry about hosting. These local listings are part of Google Local Business Listing via Google Maps, Yahoo Local Listing and Bing Local Listing. There up to 30 different local listing websites that you will need to be involved with, but having your listing on the major three search engines will certainly be a good start.

The local listings will get your business found through two methods:

1. The first is that information can, if well prepared, be available in the search results on the search engines.

2. The local listings are displayed on mobile devices, so that local consumers can find your company, product or service according to their current location.

Being found on mobile devices will be the more important of the two. The mobile device industry is booming and hand held mobile computer (a.k.a. mobile devices) is giving the local consumers the ability to find a business while they are about town.

Chances are your businesses are already listed because you are in the local business while pages, listed with the phone company or in the traditional yellow pages. The fact that you are listed will not help you on its own. What is most important is to have your listing claimed (required to use the local listing as a local marketing tool), updated, reviewed.

While most would think of local listing and local business to be a small business, the local business listing is for any size business. Certainly restaurants, banks, franchises, boutique stores, malls and others will get the most benefit from local listing, however, larger companies can use the local listings to enhance their marketing efforts into the mobile device industry as well.

The claiming (required to use the local listing as a local marketing tool) and updating process will allow your local listing to add products, services, photos, videos, coupons, offers, discounts and much more. You can update your local listings at any time and monitor for customer reviews. I don’t remember the traditional yellow pages allowing anyone to update but once a year.

You can certainly update your local listing yourself, however, it would be beneficial to have professionals update these local business listings for you. This is not too different from getting your website ranked in the top ten with the search engines. As you can imagine the management of local listings has its own quirks, knowledge and experience to make the listing more effective.

The mobile device industry is undergoing several changes as we go into 2010. The sooner you engage in local business listings the higher the chance that you will see benefits sooner. Get your business listing claimed (required to use the local listing as a local marketing tool) and updated to tap into the growing number of local people using local business listings to find businesses, services and products. Do you have a local business listing?

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