2018 New Luxury Vehicle Sales Incentives Announced By Suburban Cadillac of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor based Suburban Cadillac has new sales incentives on ATS, CTS, Escalade and XT5 models to start the 2018 New Year. Ann Arbor, MI – January 16, 2018 Suburban Cadillac of Ann Arbor (www.suburbancadillacofannarbor.com) has launched the new year with sales incentives on the luxury brand of vehicles. The 2018 new car models include ATS, CTS, CT6, Escalde and XT5 with down payments as low as $1,395. New Car Sales Include 2018 ATS 2.0T AWD Luxury for $279/month for 24 months with $1,995 down at signing after all offers. Mileage charge of 25 cents per mile over 20,000 miles. 2018 XT5 FWD for $299/month for 39 months with $1,395 down at signing after all offers. Mileage charge of 25 cents per mile over 32,500 miles. 2018 CTS 2.0 Turbo AWD for $359/month for 39 months with $1,995 down at signing after all offers. Mileage charge of 25 cents per mile over 32,500 miles. 2018 Escalade 4WD Luxury, $819/month for 36 months with $1,995 down at signing after all offers. Mileage charge of 25 cents per mile over 30,000 miles. 2018 CT6 Luxury AWD Courtesy Transportation Vehicle with 3,026 miles, $488/month for 39 months with $1,995 down at signing after [...]

Learning Objectives Part 2: Do your learning objectives match your company’s goals?

Effective learning objectives for any endeavor start with a clear understanding of your goals. Whether your organization is launching a new product, restructuring an existing operational system or making other improvements, before taking that first step you need to know where you’re going, how you plan to get there and what your destination will look like. In last month’s article about learning objectives, we pointed out that Lean Learning ’s Transformational Road Map is one of the best tools for answering those questions and mapping your journey. Following Lean Principle Number 1, first you will directly observe your work as activities, connections, and flows. Let’s say you own a company that manufactures security systems and you are considering an upgrade to one of your product lines. At the outset, you will want to study the upgraded blueprint prototypes and create a computer simulation of a live demonstration. Have a clear picture in your mind of every step involved from the time a customer purchases the system until it is completely installed and they press the operating button. How does this upgraded product line differ from the current one? What adjustments will need to be made to accommodate modified engineering? Your [...]

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The Land Rover Vehicle Protection Plan

The Land Rover Vehicle Protection Plan offered by Santa Barbara Auto Group is an incredibly secure warranty for your “Best in Class” SUV. Land Rover Santa Barbara is offering an exceptionally inclusive warranty that is backed by “A” rated insurance companies. This means that you can be sure that you will be receiving the best coverage available on the market. Comprehensive Coverage That Protects Unpredictable mechanical failures should never be a concern of yours when driving your vehicle through the city or coasting along the Santa Barbara highway. Costly repairs are avoided when you have the safeguard of the Land Rover Vehicle Protection Plan.  Land Rover Santa Barbara offers comprehensive coverage including but not limited to coverage for Engine components, Electrical components, and Heating and Cooling components.  Santa Barbara Auto Group even provides protection for your Enhanced Systems.  Whether it’s your water pump or your alternator, you will not need to worry because the versatility of the Warranty the Santa Barbara Auto Group offers for your vehicle is unmatched.  Even your hands-free system and multimedia interface are covered by the Land Rover Vehicle Protection Plan should the unexpected occur.  Not only is the coverage comprehensive, this coverage will follow you [...]

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2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T Offers Peak Performance with Elegant Comfort

The 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T replicates the former model of 1968 in style and comfort The 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T is lighter in weight than its 911 T predecessor was, but mirrors its relative of yesteryear. First introduced in 1968, the latest style 911 Carrera T is stealthy in design and emphasizes its lighter glass for the windows with a design change in the door handles. The “T” represents “Touring”, indicating this Porsche is more about the driving pleasure derived from the comfort, elegance and smooth ride offered. The interior sport seats, which can be changed to bucket seats, are stitched with embroidery at the headrest boasting the “911” emblem with seat centers made of Sport-Tex material. Adding to the versatility of the latest style 911 Carrera T, the rear seats are removable. The interior trim on the dashboard and doors are dressed in black elegance. Porsche designers replaced the older style door handles with all new door opener loops. The steering wheel is sharp and integrates the driving mode selector offering modern elegance in classic style for the ultimate driving experience. Delivery of this luxurious ride is slated for March of 2018. Porsche Santa Barbara takes pride [...]

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Cats and Litter Boxes, How Do They Know?

Training made easy when instinct plays a factor Training a cat can be a trying, if not a futile endeavor, but when it comes to litter boxes, training becomes easy. While felines tend to have a mind of their own without a desire to follow human requests, their instinct to bury its business is evident quickly after birth. Whether feral or domesticated, the natural instinct to handle their waste is to cover it up. When you place your feline family member in an area where there is clean kitty litter in a private location, the business of doing business comes quite naturally. Though its human owner might consider this a sign of superior intelligence, the reality is it’s an easy task for cats to accomplish. Some might consider it a miracle, others might be awe-inspired, but most are thankful for the ease of this training driven by instinctual behavior. Understanding whose boss in the pack is a message easily conveyed Cats, feral or domesticated, choose to bury their waste to cover the scent from predators and competitors. In groups of feral cats, the dominant cats sometimes leave the feces uncovered to mark their territory, while those who are subordinate cover [...]

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The 2018 Audi A3 Sedan Provides the Next Level of Entertainment and Convenience

The combination of luxury and convenience features creates an unrivaled driving experience Comfort, ease of access, and versatility are all necessities in creating the ideal luxury experience, which the Audi A3 has in spades.  The A3 will ensure that you experience the best of what the open road has to offer, featuring an automated temperature control system for protection against those sweltering Southern California heat waves. Conversely, Power Windows and One-Touch Moon Roof are available to you for when you want to make the most of those sweet sunsets behind the wheel.  The Tilt enabled and telescoping steering wheel showcases the versatility that is part and parcel to the luxury experience.  The HomeLink Garage Door Transmitter as well as Remote Keyless Entry are all indicative of the way Audi Santa Barbara wishes to deliver next gen convenience to your doorstep. The new 2018 Audi A3 Sedan offers top-notch entertainment features The Audi A3 provides some of the best entertainment features available on the market.  Showcasing options such as SiriusXM satellite radio as well as Bluetooth Wireless connectivity, the Audi A3 is at the forefront in offering premier entertainment features.  Also included in this model are the impressive 7” LCD speakers [...]

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Learning the Love Messages from your Feline Favorite

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the messages cats are trying to convey. They may prance right by you seemingly disinterested. Some might even show sloth-like behavior and other signs of boredom from their leisurely day. The attitude and love from your cat is often misunderstood. There are times your cat may nibble gently while licking your hands or you may feel a soft bite while petting your favorite feline. The good news is, a cat’s gentle nibbling, can be a sign of affection. The tender nibbles during licking are often love bites and are compared to other signs of affection like purring, rubbing up against you or cuddling. “Love bites are a form of communication,” said Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, a veterinarian at Chico Hospital for Cats in California, as reported in a care.com online article. “She may be driven to engage in this behavior in moments when she feels a strong sense of bonding,” said Colleran. Understanding the love language of your cat is a worthwhile venture. When negative nibbling hurts the skin and the heart Variations of a cat bite are telltale signs of feline emotion. “Your cat's instinctual nature drives her to give these little nips, especially when [...]

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Huron Automatic Screw Company Provides Machined Parts for Your Automotive Needs

Huron Automatic Screw Company manufactures high quality-machined components via precision Screw Machining and Top of the Line CNC Turning Equipment Huron Automatic Screw Company manufactures a wide range of threaded and non-threaded fasteners such as bolts, studs, straight pins and spacers of various lengths and diameters.  Our Acme Gridley screw machines along with our Schutte CNC screw machine and Mori Seiki CNC lathes ensure the highest quality when we machine your custom parts. Our cam operated Acme Gridley screw machines are the backbone for the medium to high volume production quantities required in the automotive marketplace. We combine this tested mechanical process with the use of cutting edge Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Equipment. This technology allows for the customization of our products to your specifications. Huron Automatic Screw Company employs both of these advanced technologies in our manufacturing process to offer a large variety of products and process high quantity orders very quickly, all while maintaining consistency in creating the product you need. Take a moment to browse the Huron Automatic Screw Company website at www.huronauto.com and see the many varieties of machined parts we offer. Expertise in Utilizing a Wide Variety of Materials in the Products We Offer Huron Automatic [...]

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The Grand PooBox Litter Box Makes Life Easier for Cats and Cat Owners Alike

Rex meows with excitement about the innovative concept in the new Grand PooBox litter box Meow, my name is Rex. I’m eager to tell you about this amazing innovation my human has created and it’s made just for me…The Grand PooBox litter box. With a desire to get rid of the dirty old litter box hidden in a back bedroom or perhaps the front hall closet because of its less than stellar appearance and mess, Courtney combined a fresh design with modern convenience and created the all-new Grand PooBox litter box. The Grand PooBox is unique, contemporary and looks great in any room. This favored original comes in four different colors, white, tangerine orange, cobalt blue, and charcoal gray. It’s easy to use and human friendly. The Grand PooBox offers 50% less kitty litter use and 50% less mess. We see this as a potential money savings for all and easier cleaning opportunities for humans everywhere. Doing away with the old dirty litter box comes easy with the all-new Grand PooBox litter box. Currently in production and ready for Christmas, order your feline favorite a Grand PooBox litter box today and save even more. Check the Grand PooBox website at [...]

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Make the Most of Your Service Experience at Santa Barbara Auto Group

Santa Barbara Service Center is ready to serve you with unpredictable circumstances Let our expert service department offer the utmost quality in care for all of your service needs. Whether you’re faced with a mechanical issue in your vehicle or an unfortunate collision, tough decisions are made easier with the aid of Santa Barbara service staff. We are here to serve you, our valued customer. Customer service, best-quality workmanship, timely completion and satisfaction are our main priorities. Santa Barbara Auto Group offers expertise and specialization in Acura, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche, but can service all makes and models. Santa Barbara Auto Group makes life easier when unpredictable circumstances arise If your vehicle is immobile, we can provide towing and rental services to ease the discomfort from unfortunate circumstances. Let our brand-trained advisors guide you through the process to lessen the heavy load. Our experienced, professional staff is second-to-none in automotive repairs. With customer awareness and satisfaction, our most valued outcomes, our service providers not only offer collision repair, but also routine inspections, oil changes, tire rotations, and more. Take a moment to browse the website at www.sbautogroup.com and see all that our brand-trained service providers at [...]

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