What tickles your funny bone?

https://youtu.be/SymYCtKuyQw Hello My Conscious Friends! Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 197. So I have a question for you today, and that is, what tickles your funny bone? What makes you laugh? What brings humor to your world? Now, the amazing thing about laughter and humor is it’s an amazing clearing tool. It clears out heaviness like nothing else, and it’s an absolute contribution to earth as well, so what would it be like to tickle your funny bone on a daily basis? Before you go into that family affair, that family gathering, reflect on something that has made you laugh before, and bring it into that space, and see what you notice. It may make it a little lighter since this reality can get a little intense along with families. A Space to BE With Take a moment to tune in and ask yourself the following questions. What would it be like to use humor to get clear and clear heavy energies that arise? Have you considered using laughter as a way to shift your mood? To shift a heavy moment with a friend or family member? How many thoughts, feelings, and emotions are you agreeing and aligning with that humor could clear right away? How would your life and living be different? Would this open you up to generating [...]

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Get to Know the Redesigned 2020 CLA

In 2020, the CLA is going to have a whole new look and feel, thanks to a redesign slated to hit the market. This redesigned four-door coupe is certainly ready to make a first impression. To start, the 2020 CLA is larger than ever. A more spacious cabin will certainly be an upgrade from previous models. It’s similar in size to the new A-Class, but a few things set it apart. The AMG CLA 45 will come with more standard technology features than previous years, on top of strong performance and more athletic handling. Plus, exclusive AMG features amp up its interior:making it an altogether different feeling. Technology that works for you The CLA’s technology gives it a big advantage. Features like Mercedes-Benz User Experience puts the answers to all of your questions at your fingertips, with the integration of a Siri-like technology. You can now interact with the CLA, search the web and more by simply saying,“Hey Mercedes.” Safety technology is another big selling point of the CLA. From the incredibly helpful adaptive cruise control to active parking assist, the CLA wants you to feel in control of everything that’s around you. Interiors fit for a Mercedes Inside the [...]

Is your mindset a SET UP to shutting you down?

https://youtu.be/r4bDKdpk8xY Hello My Conscious Friends! Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 195. Now, is your mindset setting you up from being able to receive and actualize what it is that you’d actually like to create in this reality? Our mind likes to really get involved. Do you notice that? Like it’ll fixate on something, and think over and over and over again on something in order to try and get the answer. But you never get the answer, because it won’t stop, because it’ll find the next thing it has to focus on and problem solve, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yes, mindset. Is your mindset creating a block from you being, choosing, and receiving in a way that you could actually create what it is that you would like? A Space to BE With Take a moment to tune in and ask yourself the following questions. What is something you find your mind is stuck on? Have you found yourself stuck in the cyclic thinking loop where the mind is aiming to get an answer to a problem? What would it be like to ask the question, “truth, what am I aware of?” What do you notice when you ask this question? What do you receive? And what would it be like to know that you do not require [...]

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The Macan S Makes an Entrance

Porsche’s iconic SUV is joined by the smaller Macan S in 2019. Though at a lower price point, this SUV still packs quite a punch with all the premium features you want. The Macan has become an incredibly popular SUV here in the states, and it is rather easy to see why. There’s something distinctive about its design, ride quality and technology offerings. With the option of the less-expensive Macan S, this SUV has become a favorite of those searching for the meeting point of power and practicality. The newest point of interest on this SUV is the addition of a new 3.0-liter V6. It also features a dual-clutch automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Outside, the Macan S features options like 21-inch wheels. Its rear fascia gets an update with a light bar across the rear hatch, giving it a look closer to that of the rest of the brand’s lineup. It’s sure to catch some attention with bright color offerings, like Mamba Green metallic and Miami Blue. There’s no doubt that the Macan S makes a bold statement. Updated technology that makes for a more engaging experience Inside, one of the main changes is the addition of a 10.9-inch [...]

No-Deal Brexit Puts UK Aerospace Industry in Crisis

The UK is on the verge of a no-deal Brexit after the UK’s parliament overwhelmingly rejected Theresa May’s deal. They most likely haven’t explored the effect of a no-deal exit on the UK’s aerospace industry. Stakeholders in the industry are now bringing it to their attention. It is an industry that provides employment for more than 120,000 people. The industry’s 2017 revenues are estimated to have been up to 35 billion pounds. Time is running out for the UK. They are supposed to leave the European Union on March 29. Up until now, they have not been able to negotiate a trade deal with the EU. If they leave without a deal, they will have lost any preferential trade partner status that they held in the other European countries of the EU. That mean’s UK companies will no longer have access to a free EU market, including those in the aerospace industry. The UK seeks lean transformation in its industrial, social, and political systems. That’s why they voted in favor of Brexit. They must, therefore, employ lean thinking while executing the exit. The UK’s economy could suffer a serious hit if they leave without a deal. The Aerospace industry will [...]

2019 Mercedes-Benz Models Sales In Shreveport Until April 1 2019

Mercedes-Benz National Offers sales are targeted towards specific models until April 1, 2019. These models are available at Mercedes-Benz of Shreveport with special offers, which include sale or lease with no security deposits. Shreveport, LA – March 20, 2019 Mercedes-Benz of Shreveport, www.holmesmercedes.com, has 2019 Mercedes-Benz models for sales with specific model incentives from Mercedes-Benz national offers. These limited time March 2019 offers include sales or lease without security deposits. 2019 Mercedes-Benz C 300 is available for as low as $429/month for 36 months and no security deposit. Mercedes-Benz Models National Offer National offer models can be found on the Mercedes-Benz of Shreveport National Offers web page and include: 2019 Mercedes-Benz C 300 Sedan, $429/month, $4,223 due at signing. 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Coupe, $349/month, $3,797 due at signing. 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 SUV, $379/month, $3,727 due at signing. 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 SUV, $479/month, $4,273 due at signing. 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 4MATIC SUV, $649/month, $5,843 due at signing. 2019 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 Sedan $599/month, $4,903 due at signing. Mercedes-Benz Model E-Class The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is considered the most intelligent business saloon. Mercedes-Benz has taken significant changes looking into the future with the new E‑Class. This is now the [...]

The BMW 7 Series Gets Upgraded Plug-In Hybrid Capabilities

The plug-in hybrid 7 Series has been an option since 2017, but 2019 will bring some big powertrain changes for this car. BMW is adding a more powerful electric motor to its performance-minded 7 Series and also adding a higher capacity battery. It will still use the same four-cylinder engine as in previous years, but with the additional support of the new battery, you’ll notice a big difference. The goal of this update is to give this model a big boost, adding more power and a longer battery range. Full-size sedans have long been a staple of the luxury market. The 2019 7 Series PHEV now makes them more efficient than ever, while still delivering the performance and upscale feel that you expect from a BMW. An upscale experience complete with electric efficiency You’ll be excited to see many features that add to this cars premium feel, including a spacious back seat with two optional entertainment systems. In the driver’s seat, you’ll also enjoy an upgraded to a fully digital instrument display panel in the 2019 model. This addition helps to make this car’s interface even user-friendlier. There’s no need to sacrifice with the 7 Series The 7 Series makes [...]

What comes NEXT after allowance?

Hello My Conscious Friends! Now, I know we have talked a lot about awareness and allowance. However, today what I would like to do is talk about that next step after allowance, because a lot of times when we’re in allowance, it can still be a bit heavy, especially if you’re not getting to your choices. Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 194. https://youtu.be/JegLu7EmzXA Guided Exercise: So, what I would like you to do is go ahead now and close your eyes and bring your intention to your breathing. Now, I would like you to tune into something where you’ve been in allowance of, however, one that’s still lingering with a heaviness. Maybe it’s some frustration that you have with it, or you notice that the energy is still in the hands of the person, place or thing that you’re in allowance of… so just bring that into your awareness right now. And what would it be like to ask yourself, “What choices do I have here that could change this right away if I were to choose it? What are my choices? What are some light choices; what are some heavy choices?” You can gauge them and just get a yes/no energy, whatever is the lightest for you in the choices that you have [...]

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Dr. Sarah’s Blog Talk Radio Show with Liz Tupling on Monday March 25

Tune in on March 25 at 6 pm for Dr. Sarah’s Blog Talk Radio Show with Liz Tupling The Dr. Sarah Blog Talk Radio Show is a 30-minute variety show that encourages and empowers people to live their life in a conscious way. Each episode is unique unto itself, covering a number of different topics and ideas that are fueled by the questions of the listeners as well as by the guests that are brought on the show. As the host, Dr. Sarah not only touches upon ways to actively live consciously, she also provides a variety pragmatic tools and techniques that listeners can take with them and use in their daily life. The show provides a virtual venue where people can come, be and receive a variety of different pragmatic tools and information that allow them to have greater access to conscious choice and possibilities as well as change and contribution.     LISTEN HERE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drsarahbrotsky ABOUT LIZ TUPLING: Elizabeth J. Tupling, MS, LLP is a private practice integrative psychotherapist and conscious living facilitator with offices in Bloomfield Hills and Royal Oak, Michigan. In her work she is dedicated to guiding individuals, families and organizations toward more fulfilling relationships and life experiences. [...]

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Why Just “Good Enough” Will Kill Your Business or Career Fast

Good enough is never good enough for your business. You and your employees might go home patting yourselves in the back thinking that you met all your clients’ expectations, while you didn’t. They just might not have found reason enough to cause a fuss. Many proprietors and workers will assume that clients are satisfied with their products and services, just because nobody has ever complained. That mentality is detrimental to your career or business. Take yourself for instance. Rarely will you complain because the bus you normally use is a few minutes late, but you prefer if it was always on time. You’d certainly opt for different bus service if it proved to always be punctual. (Statistically, we know that 80% of your customers experiencing less than “good” products or services from you, will not say anything to you. They simply do not come back.) Customers who get just “good enough” from you will vanish the moment they get an alternative. Many clients would rather have a costly but delightful experience with your business, than a cheap “good enough” experience. Try to always go above and beyond in the business that you are in. Concentrate on improving your customer experience [...]

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