2019 Mercedes-Benz Models Sales In Shreveport Until April 1 2019

Mercedes-Benz National Offers sales are targeted towards specific models until April 1, 2019. These models are available at Mercedes-Benz of Shreveport with special offers, which include sale or lease with no security deposits. Shreveport, LA – March 20, 2019 Mercedes-Benz of Shreveport, www.holmesmercedes.com, has 2019 Mercedes-Benz models for sales with specific model incentives from Mercedes-Benz national offers. These limited time March 2019 offers include sales or lease without security deposits. 2019 Mercedes-Benz C 300 is available for as low as $429/month for 36 months and no security deposit. Mercedes-Benz Models National Offer National offer models can be found on the Mercedes-Benz of Shreveport National Offers web page and include: 2019 Mercedes-Benz C 300 Sedan, $429/month, $4,223 due at signing. 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Coupe, $349/month, $3,797 due at signing. 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 SUV, $379/month, $3,727 due at signing. 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 SUV, $479/month, $4,273 due at signing. 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 4MATIC SUV, $649/month, $5,843 due at signing. 2019 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 Sedan $599/month, $4,903 due at signing. Mercedes-Benz Model E-Class The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is considered the most intelligent business saloon. Mercedes-Benz has taken significant changes looking into the future with the new E‑Class. This is now the [...]

The BMW 7 Series Gets Upgraded Plug-In Hybrid Capabilities

The plug-in hybrid 7 Series has been an option since 2017, but 2019 will bring some big powertrain changes for this car. BMW is adding a more powerful electric motor to its performance-minded 7 Series and also adding a higher capacity battery. It will still use the same four-cylinder engine as in previous years, but with the additional support of the new battery, you’ll notice a big difference. The goal of this update is to give this model a big boost, adding more power and a longer battery range. Full-size sedans have long been a staple of the luxury market. The 2019 7 Series PHEV now makes them more efficient than ever, while still delivering the performance and upscale feel that you expect from a BMW. An upscale experience complete with electric efficiency You’ll be excited to see many features that add to this cars premium feel, including a spacious back seat with two optional entertainment systems. In the driver’s seat, you’ll also enjoy an upgraded to a fully digital instrument display panel in the 2019 model. This addition helps to make this car’s interface even user-friendlier. There’s no need to sacrifice with the 7 Series The 7 Series makes [...]

What comes NEXT after allowance?

Hello My Conscious Friends! Now, I know we have talked a lot about awareness and allowance. However, today what I would like to do is talk about that next step after allowance, because a lot of times when we’re in allowance, it can still be a bit heavy, especially if you’re not getting to your choices. Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 194. https://youtu.be/JegLu7EmzXA Guided Exercise: So, what I would like you to do is go ahead now and close your eyes and bring your intention to your breathing. Now, I would like you to tune into something where you’ve been in allowance of, however, one that’s still lingering with a heaviness. Maybe it’s some frustration that you have with it, or you notice that the energy is still in the hands of the person, place or thing that you’re in allowance of… so just bring that into your awareness right now. And what would it be like to ask yourself, “What choices do I have here that could change this right away if I were to choose it? What are my choices? What are some light choices; what are some heavy choices?” You can gauge them and just get a yes/no energy, whatever is the lightest for you in the choices that you have [...]

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Dr. Sarah’s Blog Talk Radio Show with Liz Tupling on Monday March 25

Tune in on March 25 at 6 pm for Dr. Sarah’s Blog Talk Radio Show with Liz Tupling The Dr. Sarah Blog Talk Radio Show is a 30-minute variety show that encourages and empowers people to live their life in a conscious way. Each episode is unique unto itself, covering a number of different topics and ideas that are fueled by the questions of the listeners as well as by the guests that are brought on the show. As the host, Dr. Sarah not only touches upon ways to actively live consciously, she also provides a variety pragmatic tools and techniques that listeners can take with them and use in their daily life. The show provides a virtual venue where people can come, be and receive a variety of different pragmatic tools and information that allow them to have greater access to conscious choice and possibilities as well as change and contribution.     LISTEN HERE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drsarahbrotsky ABOUT LIZ TUPLING: Elizabeth J. Tupling, MS, LLP is a private practice integrative psychotherapist and conscious living facilitator with offices in Bloomfield Hills and Royal Oak, Michigan. In her work she is dedicated to guiding individuals, families and organizations toward more fulfilling relationships and life experiences. [...]

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Why Just “Good Enough” Will Kill Your Business or Career Fast

Good enough is never good enough for your business. You and your employees might go home patting yourselves in the back thinking that you met all your clients’ expectations, while you didn’t. They just might not have found reason enough to cause a fuss. Many proprietors and workers will assume that clients are satisfied with their products and services, just because nobody has ever complained. That mentality is detrimental to your career or business. Take yourself for instance. Rarely will you complain because the bus you normally use is a few minutes late, but you prefer if it was always on time. You’d certainly opt for different bus service if it proved to always be punctual. (Statistically, we know that 80% of your customers experiencing less than “good” products or services from you, will not say anything to you. They simply do not come back.) Customers who get just “good enough” from you will vanish the moment they get an alternative. Many clients would rather have a costly but delightful experience with your business, than a cheap “good enough” experience. Try to always go above and beyond in the business that you are in. Concentrate on improving your customer experience [...]

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake is the right vehicle for your busy lifestyle

For those looking for a wagon that’s larger than the regular sedan, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake is an ideal option. It’s a comfortable, engaging car that makes for a fun drive.   For 2019, the new 300 Sport trim is offered, adding a new trim to the Sportbrake’s lineup. It’s added more technology, convenience and comfort features. The XF is known for being both practical and sporty, with more space and an inviting cabin. You’ll have lots of space for everything you need to bring along, as well as comfortable seating space for up to five. Get the space you need without sacrificing on performance Its main advantage is simply the large amount of space that it offers. In the wagon, the wide and flat cargo area make for far more space than a sedan’s trunk, and the rear seats fold flat to make extra cargo space. The wagon also is a great choice for families with roomy rear passenger space. There’s something different about this wagon versus those offered by BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo. Jaguar makes the Sportbrake stand out by putting together the highest quality materials inside, a performance-minded engine and chassis, and technology that puts this wagon a [...]

Acura to Sponsor 2019 Grand Prix of Long Beach

The Grand Prix of Long Beach is an annual institution here in southern California, and this year, it has a new sponsor. The famed Grand Prix will now be sponsored by Acura. As a proud Acura dealer, it’s something that we’re rather excited to be a part of! This annual event brings an IndyCar race to the streets of Long Beach every April. For one spring weekend each year, the city streets turn into a racetrack, as world-class drivers compete for first in one of the most important events on today’s racing circuit. If you’re into racing or want to experience some heart-pounding fun, this year’s Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach will be the perfect event for you. It’s a weekend of music, family-friendly events and, most importantly, racing. It’s more than performance when it’s Acura Acura’s parent company, Honda, has been having some great success on the track recently. When it comes to the Grand Prix of Long Beach, Honda and Acura are setting the standards. Acura and Honda have had great success with their racing division. In the past 10 years of the Grand Prix, six of the winning drivers have been driving Honda-powered vehicles. Last year [...]

A new look on change?

Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 193 about choosing to change. https://youtu.be/LgdVnaWZgYs Now, how many of you resist change? Like you hate change. I hate when things change, I can’t stand it… it’s so uncomfortable! Well, when it happens to you and you’re not in the space of choice with it, it definitely can be heavy. So you could clear that. However, what would it be like to choose to change in order to create something greater? And ask a question like, “If I choose this, what can I generate and create?” What would it be like to be in that question, and choose change from a space of generating and creating a lighter future, a lighter life, a lighter moment? A Space to BE With Take a moment to tune in and ask yourself the following questions. Do you find yourself avoiding change? Does it tend to happen to you rather than by choice for you? Have you ever considered choosing by choice? What would it be like to acknowledge that as a possibility? And what would it take to choose that? What would that be like… to choose change as a way to generate and create something greater? What else is possible from here? Let’s Talk About It! When you are willing [...]

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The Sophisticated Audi A6 Returns with New Features for 2019

The stunning Audi A6 sedan returns for 2019 with some exciting new features. You’ll see changes both inside and out. Plus, some surprises under the hood make for an exciting new redesign this model year. One of this car’s highs is its power and performance. A turbocharged six-cylinder engine offers lively acceleration and up to 336 horsepower. Send power to all four wheels with Audi’s Quattro drivetrain, adding to this car’s performance and capability. Audi has long been known for creating cars and vehicles that are classic yet strikingly modern, making for design that takes center stage. From its redesigned front fascia to the modernized and intuitive infotainment system inside, this Audi is crafted with design in mind. A sleek and tasteful interior creates a space that everyone can enjoy. A spacious back seat will make it a versatile vehicle for the whole family. Colorful ambient lighting helps to spice up the interior, adding custom mood lighting to your drive. Sophisticated and responsive technology features help you drive your best, rather than divert your attention. The A6’s state-of-the-art technology helps you to stay in control. While sticking to tradition, the A6 adds to its offerings You’ll also find stunning exterior [...]

The Redesigned C Class Aims to Turns Heads in 2019

For those who have been considering the Mercedes-Benz C Class, this update is sure to impress. The all-new 2019 adds several new features to improve on a classic. Among the many noticeable exterior changes is the polished front fascia, as it receives redesigned bumpers and the AMG line gets a touch of chrome, too. A few new eye-catching colors have also been added to the available color palette, with the addition of Mojave Silver Metallic and Emerald Green Metallic. Newly designed wheels add another update to the C Class’ exterior. Inside, the luxury continues with several new wood trims and new interior colors and materials for the AMG line. Finally, the addition of keyless start makes for a convenient experience. Simply push to start, and be on your way, without needing to search for the keys.  The Latest and greatest technology at your fingertips  Updated technology now makes it easier than ever to get all the information you need at a glance. This update brings an improved central display as well as more available configurations on the instrument cluster. You’ll also notice new technology like the semi-autonomous capabilities, and available active distance assist, which can help slow the car if [...]

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