Jaguar Santa Barbara Reveals the 2018 Jaguar F-Type 296HP

The 2018 Jaguar F-Type is the frontier in luxury sports coupes, offering intense power and performance Jaguar Santa Barbara has an inventory of new Jaguars just in time for the New Year, and the 2018 Jaguar F-Type is the quintessential luxury sports coupe that will take the industry by storm. There is no other vehicle quite like it as it has power and performance coupled with safety and versatility. Visit our website or call a representative today to learn more about the 2018 Jaguar F-Type. The 2018 Jaguar F-Type’s performance makes it the best-in-class sports vehicle The Jaguar F-Type packs a powerful punch beneath the hood with an impressive Intercooled Turbocharged I-4 2.0L engine. Two characteristics of this engine that make it superior to traditional combustion engines in terms of performance are the intercooler and turbocharger mechanisms with work in concert with each other. The turbocharger mechanism increases efficiency and power output by injecting an increased level of air into the engine’s combustion chamber over traditional engines.  This is, then improved upon by the intercooling mechanism, which cools the air before it enters the combustion chamber, raising its density, thus increasing output even more so.  These features allow the engine [...]

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Confident Kitty Cat Coaches Pups on how to Become Service Dogs

Ever imagine that your furry feline friend could teach a class? Well the friendly staff at Support Dogs, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri, apparently did!  Support Dogs, Inc. is a national not-for-profit organization that has taken to utilizing an unlikely tutor in teaching their cadets in training.  It’s very important that service dogs aren’t distracted while guiding individuals with disabilities such as those with mobility problems or people who are deaf. What better way to desensitize the cadets than to distract them with a fluff-ball of a cat named D-O-G (Dee-Oh-Jee)? This black and white fur-ball is employed by Support Dogs, Inc. in order to help their service animals become acclimated to diverse surroundings, including being around animals. D-O-G teaches the service animals patience and conditions them to become comfortable around other animals. D-O-G is a bold little mouser who does not hesitate to tussle with service dogs’ leashes or even their tails, only to drink and eat out of their bowls afterword! All of this helps the service dogs become more familiarized to dynamic environments, potentially including being around multiple animals, and in turn provide better support for their owners. The Grand Poobox makes life easier for cat owners [...]

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Crown Motors Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Promotes Car Sales Event

Crown Motors Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM (Crown CDJR) sales incentives during February 2018 for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM brand cars in the Crown Chrysler Holland, Michigan store. Holland, MI – February 19, 2018 Crown Motors Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM (Crown CDJR, ) has sales incentives on new and used cars during February 2018 as part of their President’s Day sales event. Jeep model leases are available for as little as $1,500 due at signing. New car sales specifics include: 2018 RAM 1500 Big Horn lease at Employee Pricing! $229/month for 24 months with $2,212 due at signing. 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo lease for $289/month for 36 months with $2,212 due at signing. 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited lease for $229/month for 36 months with $2,325 due at signing. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport lease for $369/month for 48 months with $1,500 due at signing. 2018 Jeep Compass Latitude lease for $219/month for 36 months with $2,539 due at signing. 2018 Dodge Challenger GT for sale at $33,135, a $2,250 discount from MSRP. The Crown Motors service departments are offering $5 Off Air Filters (for either cabin or engine filters), oil change & tire rotation package for $59.95, [...]

Grand PooBox Contemporary Design Cat Litter Box To Consumer Market

Grand PooBox announces cat litter box pre-orders are shipping to customers and new orders will be shipping immediately. PORTLAND, ORE. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 13, 2018 Portland’s designer and entrepreneur, Courtney Karsted, has announced her company, Grand PooBox, LLC is shipping her newly designed cat litter box. The year long effort by Grand PooBox, LLC ( has finally come to fruition and the wait is over. “After several years of design and development, we have finally reached the point of shipping product”, says Ms. Karsted. “We’re ready to make a splash in the world of pet products”, added Ms. Karsted. Cat Litter Box Essentials When shopping for a cat litter box, there are some factors to consider. The cat lover will need to choose a box appropriately sized for their cat. Additionally, you will need to know if your cat prefers an uncovered box or the privacy of a covered one. Lastly, if you live in a small urban home you may need to put your litter box in a less than desirable location such as your walk in closet or worse the bathroom. If that’s the case, why not add a litter box that blends into the décor of your home? [...]

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Learning Is an Ongoing Journey – Especially for Learning Professionals

Learning is an ongoing journey with a destination of constant improvement. In the workplace, Lean rules and principles are structured on the pursuit of learning that is shared, recorded and transmitted to every member of the organization. In an August 19, 2016 informal interview at the University of Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa, Adv. Kevin Malunga, Public Protector of South Africa, refers to his own learning journey as “a work in progress” and states that “he is still learning from what he does every day.”[1] In the interview, Adv. Malunga provides a number of important observations that he’s learned along the way: Integrity always wins no matter what comes in your way or is thrown at you. Progress is a process of trial and error. It is a situation of some you win and some you lose, but you keep on walking. Teamwork is important and comes from the ability to motivate and galvanise people into a team. Learn from mistakes and the mistakes of others. Embrace diversity. Differences can be a source of strength (and weakness) whether it is racial, cultural or religious. South Africa is still struggling with this, but should realise that we can learn a [...]

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Learning Professionals Must Be Learners

Learning is a Lifetime Pursuit for All Professionals Any professional who considers learning a lifetime pursuit will never be left behind in today’s highly competitive marketplace. This certainly holds true for learning professionals. In today’s Information Age, no one can afford to retire their brains and ingenuity if they want to stay current with their profession. The fact is, whatever you learned last year or even a few weeks ago, is already outdated. If you are employed by a forward-looking company or organization that practices Kaizen or constant improvement, refresher courses and advanced seminars are regular events requiring mandatory attendance. For Lean organizations, the learning process is an ongoing journey or adventure of discovery whose destination is constant improvement. Along the road are oases or refresher stops—seminars and workshops where shared learning takes place, or where management and staff take time to reflect on what they’ve learned. In an excellent article that appeared in the November 8, 2016 issue of Chief Learning Officer, titled “Learning Professionals Must Be Learners,” author Elliott Masie writes, “Imagine eating in a restaurant where the chef never tastes the food. Risky, right? We want our cooks to adjust, tweak and improve the cooking experience by [...]

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Complex Treatment Planning

We can help you gain patient acceptance for complex treatment plans. Treatment planning for diseased teeth is a complex endeavor. Thorough dental history of the patient, clinical testing, and radiographic examination are all required to make an accurate diagnosis prior to treatment planning. The process that follows in choosing the best path for treatment is exhaustive and meticulous, and is benefited by the expertise of an endodontist. By partnering with an endodontist, dental practices can ease their workload and reassure patients that their oral health is the most important thing. The Treatment Planning Process When creating a treatment plan for a tooth affected by post-treatment disease, endodontists essentially have four avenues to consider: do nothing, extraction, non-surgical retreatment, and surgical treatment. Doing nothing is generally not the best choice because by avoiding the problem, the patient is allowing for the progression of disease and further destruction to supporting tissue. Extraction and implantation is a viable option in some cases, but dental implants are rarely equivalent in functionality to the natural tooth and have their own complications. On the other hand, extraction without tooth replacement often causes uncomfortable alterations in the dentition and supporting tissues, as well as possible decrease of [...]

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Santa Barbara Auto Group Presents the 2018 Acura MDX FWD

The 2018 Acura MDX is the innovative crossover SUV that will provide you with an unparalleled driving experience Acura Santa Barbara’s most recent crossover SUV offering combines brand name comfort and safety while maintaining the original style distinct to Acura. One feature that is sure to provide relief from the shifting climate during the winter season is the Dual Zone Front Automatic Heat and Air Conditioning and Rear HVAC with separate controls which allow you, your passenger, and those in back seat to adjust the temperature to each of your tastes. You can enjoy the combination of the cool December breeze and the warm Southern California sun with the express sliding and tilting sunroof, which also comes with a sunshade if the sun gets too hot, as can be the case, even this time of year. The 2018 Acura MDX equips top class safety features such as Dual Stage driver and passenger air bags, driver knee air bag, and rear child safety locks. Two innovative features available with this model are the Lane Keeping Assist and Lane Departure Warning signals.  The Lane Keeping Assist and Lane departure warning signals combine to ensure that your vehicle does not stray from the [...]

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Santa Barbara Auto Group Unveils the 2018 Audi S5 3.0T Prestige Cabriolet

Audi Santa Barbara provides top-notch features with premium performance Audi Santa Barbara is now offering The 2018 Audit S5 3.0 T Prestige Cabriolet, the premier in sports luxury vehicles. This addition to the Audi lineup supplements the top-level inventory that Santa Barbara Auto Group provides to its customers. The 2018 Audi S5 3.0 T Prestige Cabriolet sports peak performance features and cutting-edge technology that will take your driving experience into the stratosphere. One innovative feature that enhances the driving experience is the TFSI technology or Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection. This feature has two major advantages over traditional fuel injection technology. The first is that by injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber the TFSI technology can increase both fuel distribution and fuel efficiency to a significant degree. The Audi S5 3.0T Prestige Cabriolet boasts a respectable 29 mpg on the highway. The second advantage is power. You can feel the difference when accelerating in Audi Santa Barbara’s 2018 model.  It is swift, smooth, and uninhibited. The Audi S5 3.0T Prestige Cabriolet sits on a powerful 354 horsepower V6 with 369 lb.-ft. torque. Check out the amazing features of the Audi S5 3.0 T Prestige Cabriolet on our website at and see [...]

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Mercedes Benz Boasts its Spectacular Design of the 2017 E-Class Saloon Series Sedan

Mercedes Benz E-Class Saloon Series sedan offers a dynamic comfort with supreme performance Modern elegance is abounding in the all-new 2017 E-Class Saloon Series Mercedes. Design modifications start with the exterior with a dominant, but simplified front-end. The large signature three-pointed star, centered in the front grille offers an appeal of elegance. The exterior body mirrors, longer wheelbase and well-designed spacious cabin also add to the luxurious score of the E-Class Saloon Series. This versatile Mercedes is unrivaled in its masculine body and sleek aerodynamic design. Mercedes offers more defined bodylines and sharper edges in the E-Class Saloon than models in years past. This sophisticated roadster exudes comfort during luxurious business ventures, long-distance travels or leisurely driving. It exudes a graceful presence in luxurious style. The wide array of the E-Class Saloon models brings excitement and prestige to its travelers. Stop in at Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara and test drive one of the various Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon models today. The 2017 Mercedes E-Class Saloon delivers engine performance and unique features All Mercedes E-Class Saloon models at Mercedes-Benz Santa Barbara include a nine-speed automatic gearbox and changes gear with a fluid response and acts immediately when extra acceleration occurs. The exciting power [...]

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