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2017 Audi A4 Closes the Gap Between Sports Car and Sedan

The 2017 Audi A4 is the perfect car for drivers who want the commanding power of a sports car, without sacrificing the comfort and luxury of a premium sedan. The Audi A4 has sort of created this overlapping category of vehicle that’s being referred to as a “sport sedan.” This is because the A4 combines sporty and luxurious into one efficiently neat package. The jump from the 2016 A4 model to the new 2017 A4 model haven’t done much to change in exterior appearance. Outside of modest revisions to the overall dimensions, a slightly more aggressive grille and front end, and more modern head and taillights (with optional LEDs) the A4 stuck to its already attractive previous design. However, by cutting weight and implementing the newest technology, Audi has effectively developed a more efficient and unique balance to create the ultimate “sport sedan.” Swift, Silent, and Sporty By substituting many of the formerly steel parts with light-weight aluminum, Audi managed to trim the weight of the previous A4 model by about 100 pounds. The result is a more efficient ride with a steadier grip for the drive. Though the 2017 Audi A4 is one of the most silent rides on [...]

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2017 Land Rover Discovery in Santa Barbara

You can't buy a new Discovery until May 29th, however you can see and drive one now at Land Rover Santa Barbara. The 2017 Discovery marks the beginning of the 5th Generation of the Discovery series and the return of the Discovery name to the series for North America after using LR3 and LR4 designations. Known globally as Discovery 5, it is an all-new vehicle sharing key elements with the rest of the Land Rover family of vehicles. [wpseo_address id="2078" show_state="1" show_country="1" show_phone="1" show_phone_2="1" show_fax="1" show_email="1" show_url="0" show_logo="0"] [wpseo_map id="2078" width="600" height="300" zoom="-1" map_style="roadmap" scrollable="1" draggable="1" show_route="0" show_state="0"]

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The Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid is Safe, Stylish, and Tech-Savvy

Volvo is out to prove that the brand can offer more than just safety, and the XC90 T8 Hybrid is definitely a step in the right direction. Simply hearing the name Volvo brings to mind the kind of bland, safety-oriented wagon-type vehicles that the brand built its reputation on during the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. It was the kind of car practical drivers would buy, or drivers with a little less confidence in other drivers on the road. However, Volvo has been working non-stop to deviate from this reputation. Not by eliminating their aptitude for safety, but by implementing high-tech features and more stylish designs. The visually pleasing XC90 T8 is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a luxury SUV. From the inside-out, the T8 sports flowing lines, subtle accents, and even a bit of chrome to add just a touch of flashy to the overall appeal. Even so, there is much more than style to the T8 that will attract the attention of many. At Holmes Volvo of Shreveport, we’re really excited about this new addition, and here’s why: Cutting-Edge Technology While most automaker have spent the past few years attempting to beat out competitors by [...]

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Internal advisors may be the key to effective learning

Internal advisors, or fellow employees and staff members who are only a few paces ahead of the learner, may be the solution to effective learning for any type of organization. If your business or enterprise depends on scheduled seminars and trainings for instilling operational excellence, usually you will feature an expert to lead the sessions. Randy Emelo, chief strategist at River, a mentoring and social learning software company, writes that the Buffalo Grove, Illinois branch of US LBM [1] scheduled three-day Lean Six Sigma[2] training events four times a year at the University of Wisconsin.[3] These training events were so successful, reports Amy Brown, director of learning and development for US LBM, that participants asked for ways to stay connected with each other afterward. Brown notes that “every time people go through classes, they still need to reach out afterward to people who speak the same language. Learning leaders at US LBM realized there was an opportunity for them to continue employees’ development through the use of mentoring and social learning software to support peer learning groups.”[4] This resulted in internal advisors becoming experts through a layered process of event attendees sharing the new information with their peers. This type of social networking empowered the [...]

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Mercedes-Benz Presents an Impressive Lineup in the Future of Mobility

Launch may be sooner than anticipated With a commitment to launch 10 new electric vehicle models within the next decade, Mercedes-Benz wants to lead in the movement of futuristic vehicles for its eager patrons. Leaving industry competitors in the dust, Mercedes plans to harness that commitment with reality. Mercedes Santa Barbara is excited to be a part of the journey. The launch year of the electric autos may come quicker as Daimler Chairman Manfred Bischoff explained in a company shareholder meeting that they pose 2022 as the year Mercedes brings vehicles to market. This is about three years earlier than expected. Mercedes Santa Barbara leaps forward with the automaker that plans to spend $10 billion toward the effort to bring the future in electric vehicles to the industry, as reported by Elizabeth Behrmann, in a March 29, 2017, Bloomberg online article. Reasons behind innovative efforts, to be a cut above the rest Daimler-owned Mercedes understands the fallout of the diesel engine associated with Volkswagen Scandal in 2015 (Volkswagen installed diesel software in nearly 11 million vehicles to cheat nitrogen-oxide emissions tests). With the fallout raises new awareness of the necessity in honest transitions toward cleaner environments. The future in automobile [...]

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Santa Barbara Auto Group Offers Quality and Reliability with Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicles

Consider purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from Santa Barbara Auto Group to experience a luxurious ride at a great value. People often overlook the option of buying a pre-owned vehicle out of fear that they will be receiving a damaged or poorly maintained car. Many customers would rather pay the significant price difference just to experience the peace of mind in knowing their car is brand new. Santa Barbara Auto Group wants customers to know that we offer that same peace of mind in our Certified Pre-Owned luxury vehicles. Santa Barbara drivers can enjoy incredible savings by purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle at Santa Barbara Auto Group. Each of our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles undergo rigorous inspections to ensure they meet brand standards. In addition to this, owners also qualify for exclusive benefits including extended warranties and thorough inspection processes that provide an added measure of assurance in the quality and reliability of their vehicle. Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Information In an effort to further relieve the concerns of our customers that might be wary about purchasing a pre-owned car, every Certified Pre-Owned luxury vehicle purchased at Santa Barbara Auto Group comes with a brand-specific protection plan and warranty. Though we firmly [...]

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Learning from mistakes: A Lean look at the April 9 United Airlines fiasco

Although learning from mistakes can be a painful lesson for any organization, any competent CEO or management team knows that whenever anything goes wrong, taking corrective measures against repeat performances must be their first order of business. United Airlines passenger Dr. David Dao may have suffered multiple injuries on an April 9th overbooked flight when he was forcibly ousted from his seat to accommodate UA employees, but the airline was by far the biggest loser. This single incident cost United a billion-dollar stock fall, a badly bruised company image or brand that includes everything from major Internet and mainstream media humiliation to ticket refunds, further investigation… and worst of all, the torrent of angry outcries from every corner of the world: “Shame on you, UA!” In the Information Age, there’s no way to bury mistakes like these. Taking a page from lean and lean learning, how can UA repair the damage—and more important, prevent future repeat performances? In his recently published book, Powering the Lean Enterprise: Fundamentals of Lean for Super-Charging Your Company & Your Life, Bill Artzberger, Lean Learning Center’s managing partner with over 25 years of experience in real-world senior management, states: “The goal of lean is to identify and eliminate [...]

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Jaguar’s First Venture into the Electric Vehicle Arena a Success

The futuristic Jaguar I-Pace concept CUV is sleek and innovative, yet keeps some of Jaguar’s signature characteristics. Sporting its Jaguar grille, oval leaper badge, front wheel arches; the stout automaker is one of many reasons Jaguar Santa Barbara is a proud distributor of premium auto brands. A prototype of Jaguar's first fully functional electric vehicle taken to task as it hits the streets of London for test-driving. I-Pace is also due to be released to the global markets in latter 2018. The amazing all-wheel drive CUV tested on closed road of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London’s East End. Public opinion was Jaguar’s motivation to model the I-Pace as it maneuvered through England’s capital. Gawkers and passersby’s alike could not deny the elegance and innovation as the Jaguar drew senses as it decorated British streets with its new design. I-Pace Characteristics Revealed Some of Jaguar’s I-Pace favored essentials include its ability to accelerate to 60 mph (97 km/h) in about 4 seconds, with a charge length of more than 310 miles. Spouting zero emissions, the compact, lightweight, all-wheel drive vehicle has a torque output of 394 hp and 516 lb.-ft. Unveiled in the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, this showcase CUV has a spacious interior [...]

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Holmes Auto Group’s Tips for Purchasing/Leasing a New Vehicle

Holmes Auto Group wants to assist customers through the purchasing process to ensure they choose the vehicle that best suits their lifestyle. The process of buying a vehicle is an exciting, yet complex experience. There are many things to consider, and the decision comes with long-term effects. When leasing a vehicle, this car will probably be your daily driver for the next two years or more. And if purchasing, this car could potentially be in your life for the next decade or more. Needless to say, choosing your next vehicle has a significant impact on your daily life. With the vast number of brands, models, prices, etc. available on the market, it can be difficult to compare prices, packages, and warranty options without a wealth of knowledge in the car industry. When making a commitment like purchasing a new car, it’s important to know that your choice is personalized to suit your needs. Thankfully, the sales team at Holmes Auto Group wants to help. In addition to taking pride in every vehicle on our lot, we also take pride in our sales knowledge and customer service. So, here are a few tips to ease the burden of the purchasing process: [...]

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Experience Lifelong Benefits from Root Canal Treatment

In addition to providing pain relief, root canal treatment has proven to offer many other lasting oral benefits. Mentioning the words ‘root canal treatment’ to most dental patients garners an immediate reaction of fear. Most people have an outdated perception regarding what the treatment actually is, still holding the belief that it’s a painful and uncomfortable experience is quite common. However, advances in the dental industry have simplified root canal treatment over the span of several decades minimizing pain and recovery time. In fact, many root canals don’t take much longer than a routine check-up. Ending this stigma surrounding root canal treatment is important because it’s often the best method for saving a tooth. Most dentists and endodontists agree that saving a natural tooth is always the preferred method over tooth extraction. Root canal treatment offers long term benefits that can improve a person’s quality of life. Benefits of Root Canal Treatment Root canal treatment offers benefits that outlast and outperform in comparison to tooth extraction. Although there have been significant advances in dental implants, there is still no implant that can perform its duties as well as the natural tooth. By undergoing root canal treatment and saving the natural [...]

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