Improve Conception with a Combination of Yoga and a Natural At-Home Fertility Treatment

Women can increase their ability to conceive in many ways including healthy activities such as yoga and simple at-home treatments like the Conception Kit®. There are many different ways men and women can improve their health and ability to conceive through healthy lifestyle habits. For example, some people love to be active by getting outside while walking, jogging, or biking. Others prefer to garden, meditate, or participate in activities such as yoga or stretching. In fact, a recent article by Marjorie Jaffe from PregPrep highlighted the benefits of specific yoga poses for women who are trying to conceive. Strengthen Reproductive Organs through Yoga According to the article, yoga is a great way to prepare for conception because it tones reproductive organs and boosts their function. It can also reduce stress and anxiety and balance hormones. Because of these benefits, the body is better prepared to for conception.   Three specific poses were suggested including a reclined bound angle pose, bridge pose on blocks, and a wide-legged seated pose. Instructions for each pose are available online so women can include them in their practice. Each pose invites blood flow to the reproductive organs and helps stretch and strengthen the pelvis, abdomen, and [...]