A Variety to Choose from in Warranty Programs at Santa Barbara Auto Group

Worry free warranty programs make your luxury vehicle a complete driving pleasure With summer here, you can be rest assured taking a leisurely drive along the Santa Barbara coastline is a viable option. With Santa Barbara Auto Group’s warranty programs, you can drive with confidence that no matter the occurrence, your vehicle and its passengers can have all-around coverage. First steps in the process of leasing or purchasing your new or pre-owned vehicle include understanding warranties available. We, at Santa Barbara Auto Group, want you to have knowledge about all warranty options we offer. Taking the time to understand these options is well worth its weight in gold when it comes to the safety and care for travelers and the vehicles they drive. Variety in warranty programs abound at Santa Barbara Auto Group Warranty programs vary, but all intend to create the same result, the utmost safety and peace of mind for all travelers. When considering you’re warranty program, consider these simple plans: Wheel & Tire coverage offers unlimited wheel and tire road hazard protection along with unlimited cosmetic repairs to the wheel rims. The next warranty option to consider is Dent & Windshield coverage. This program offers unlimited paint-less, [...]

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Experience Peace of Mind with Santa Barbara Auto Group’s Numerous Warranty Options

Santa Barbara Auto Group offers customers peace of mind by protecting assets through a variety of warranties in new and pre-owned vehicles Warranty programs aid in the protection of new or pre-owned vehicles alike. At Santa Barbara Auto Group, the goal in warranty programs is to ensure that our customers maintain that new car experience for as long as nature will allow. With a variety to choose from, our warranty opportunities cover everything from the tires to the windshield, as well as the nicks and dents in between. Unexpected incidences, big or small, are all too common on the road. By taking precautionary measures and purchasing warranties you can ensure the long-lasting quality of your vehicle. Santa Barbara Auto Group representatives are available to answer any questions regarding warranty programs offered. Warranty Programs through Santa Barbara Auto Group Cilajet Exterior Protection covers the paint, and wear and tear on the exterior of the vehicle. Cilajet Car Paint Protection is a sealant that bonds with the exterior of the car at a micron level, causing a “mirror-like” finish. It reduces surface flaws such as webbing, fine scratches, oxidation, and fading. Cilajet repels adhering impurities, protects against corrosion, aids in reduced brake [...]

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How to Choose the Right Premium Vehicle Warranty When Purchasing a New Car

With our class-leading comprehensive warranty programs offered directly from premium automotive brands, customers at Santa Barbara Auto Group can feel at ease on the road. The process of purchasing a vehicle is a complex one with many different factors to consider. For instance, what kind of performance are you looking for? What style suits your personality? What functional aspects do you need to supplement your lifestyle? How much do you value technology and safety systems? Amongst these more exciting aspects to consider, there is one factor that is often over-looked, but really plays a significant role as the owner of a luxury vehicle – that is your vehicle warranty. Warranties Directly from the Manufacturer At Santa Barbara Auto Group, we are proud to be authorized dealers of eight different premium luxury brands including: Acura, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and smart. One of the benefits of being an authorized dealership for these brands is that we are given exclusive access to the best comprehensive warranty programs that come directly from the manufacturer. When searching for a new luxury vehicle, it is very important to understand the warranty program that will apply to your purchase. Many dealerships offer third-party warranties that aren’t [...]

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Save Big with Cash Incentives and Warranty Programs at Audi Santa Barbara

Audi Santa Barbara offers encouraging incentives and warranty programs to help customers through the purchasing process.  Audi Santa Barbara knows that when purchasing a new vehicle, there are many financial burdens that come along with it that aren’t often considered. Moreover, things like warranty and incentive programs just present another factor to complicate the purchasing process. Audi Santa Barbara wants to help you through the process. You can sift through our warranty and incentive options on our website and compare prices so that you are prepared when you come in to make your purchase. Or visit Audi Santa Barbara and ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff any questions you might have. We are happy to talk you through each option to help you figure out which car is best for you while factoring in warranty programs and incentives. Use our Website to your Benefit One of Audi Santa Barbara’s greatest features is our user-friendly website developed for customer convenience. From our website you can access all of our warranty and incentive options. We offer many vehicle incentives directly from the manufacturer. For instance, we currently are offering special offer incentives on the 2016 Audi A3 Cabriolet. To [...]

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Smart Car Warranty Gives Drivers Peace of Mind

The New Vehicle Warranty that comes with a new smart car purchase gives customers an added measure of confidence and support on the road. When it comes to managing a busy lifestyle, the last thing a driver wants to do is worry about roadside issues and emergencies. Smart offers drivers extra peace of mind thanks to the New Vehicle Warranty and Roadside Assistance program available with each new car purchase. Although we never expect drivers to have an issue with their smart vehicle, we stand behind each one with the New Vehicle Warranty so unexpected issues are covered and can be addressed quickly and conveniently at smart center Santa Barbara. Smart Warranty Information The New Vehicle Limited Warranty from smart brings peace of mind to drivers. It covers defects in material and workmanship in every new smart car for 48 months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Additionally, drivers have the opportunity to purchase an extended limited warranty or service plan so they can continue to access services and repairs conveniently through smart center Santa Barbara. You Can Plan Ahead for the Unexpected By taking proactive measures to maintain your smart car, you can prevent problems before they begin. In [...]

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Jaguar Drivers Get Best Value with Certified Pre-Owned Program

Jaguar offers a comprehensive Certified pre-owned inspection program to identify the highest quality pre-owned Jaguar vehicles available at the best value. For years, Jaguar has been pioneering the concept of certified pre-owned vehicles within the luxury car industry. Jaguar is committed to ensuring each Certified pre-owned Jaguar meets the rigorous standards of the CPO program. Certified technicians comb over each vehicle paying close attention to details, quality, and overall customer satisfaction. This way, drivers can enjoy the peace of mind that their car meets or exceeds Jaguar’s standards for excellence at an incredible value. Warranty Offerings To provide additional protection, Jaguar offers a warranty on all Certified pre-owned Jaguar vehicles. This warranty provides up to 6 year/100,000 mile coverage without deductibles on qualified vehicles. It also offers Continuous Coverage – a program that delivers certified warranty coverage and roadside assistance at the conclusion of the Jaguar New-Vehicle Limited Warranty.   This ensures there is never a gap in coverage so drivers have the protection and support they need at all times. Best of all, the Certified Limited Warranty stays with the vehicle even if the vehicle is sold to a new owner before the conditions of the warranty have been fulfilled.   [...]

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