Volkswagen Offers Authentic Restoration Services for Vintage Microbuses

Volkswagen fans who favor the vintage models have something new to be excited about. Volkswagen has announced that they are now providing restoration services to the general public.  Now collectors and nostalgic drivers can have their microbuses reworked to reflect all their original glory. Volkswagen began restoring vintage Transporters back in 2007.  However, all the work was done for in-house projects including the VW museum.  Since they began, the restoration team at Volkswagen has completed museum quality restoration for over 100 vintage vehicles, bringing them back to life to look and run better than ever. However, thanks to the growing interest in vintage Volkswagen vehicles, the restoration team at Volkswagen has been relocated to a new facility and is now offering their services to the general public.  Housed in a state-of-the-art 75,000 sq/ft location, they have opened their doors to Volkswagen collectors and drivers.  Among the most popular Volkswagen Transporters to gain attention as of late is the VW Kombi.  Thanks to it’s unique design and large interior, the Kombi offers collectors the ability to customize their ride to highlight the trademark style of the bus, or add their own modern updates and personal flair. Owners can send their vintage [...]