Enjoy Unlimited Mileage with the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty

Drivers who purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz have the added benefit of the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty with unlimited mileage for one year. When customers purchase a Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, they can have peace of mind knowing their new car is verified to meet exacting certified pre-owned inspection standards and is also backed by unparalleled certified pre-owned warranty coverage. Between these two, drivers can be confident they are making a smart purchase. Coverage for Every Stage Before the certified pre-owned warranty even goes into effect, each Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned (MBCPO) Vehicle is first covered by the remaining portion of the original Mercedes-Benz four-year/50,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Once the vehicle reaches the year or mileage maximum, the MBCPO vehicle is no longer covered by the new vehicle warranty and the MBCPO Limited Warranty can immediately take effect.   For MBCPO vehicles that are not eligible for the New Vehicle Warranty, the MBCPO Limited Warranty takes effect at the time of delivery so there is still no gap in coverage. Enjoy Unlimited Mileage Coverage The best news is that the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Warranty program now comes with industry leading coverage for unlimited miles. That’s right, for 12 months, [...]

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