Smart Cars Offer Ultimate Performance for Urban Drivers

Santa Barbara drivers can look forward to even better performance and agility in the city with the newest line of smart cars. Smart has great news for those living in urban areas such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. A new re-designed line-up of smart cars is being released this year featuring a more efficient and power driving experience that brings greater mobility and functionality than ever before.   Smart designed this new collection of vehicles with a modern urban lifestyle in mind. The new smart fortwo can squeeze into the tightest parking space while still offering storage space for your next shopping spree or outdoor adventure. For those who value ease, convenience, safety, and efficiency, the smart car is a perfect fit. Built for the Big Town The smart fortwo was specifically designed for a city environment. Whether you are maneuvering through the evening rush hour or trying to find a parking spot along the pier, the new smart fortwo offers agility, responsive acceleration, and precision control to get you where you need to go. The new collection of smart fortwo cars has something for everyone including both gas and electric models, dynamic manual transmissions, and spunky new [...]