Is your SEO Company A Marketer or a Technology Company?

Would you hire your traditional printer to make marketing and advertising decisions for your company? If you would not, then why would you hire a technology company for web marketing or web advertising? In the defense of many businesses, they do hear the same words coming from both the marketer and the technology company. Both companies use the words "SEO", "optimization", "paid search", and many other terms, which on the surface sound the same. Thus, a business that doesn't understand the digital medium would not know there is a difference between these two types of companies. Evolution of Disciplines on the Web If I think about 20 years ago when we first put a website together using HTML 0.0 we could bold text, change colors, make text flash and use an animated gif for a mailbox that opened and closed. Since then the disciplines have evolved and matured to the point where there are: Technology companies that know how to manage servers and networks Technology specialists that understand databases, programming, and website assembly Creative Designers that understand how to make a website look good and lay it out Marketers who can use the Internet to make a website be found, [...]