Three Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship while Trying to Conceive

Couples can enjoy a greater sense of connection and intimacy while facing the challenges of infertility thanks to simple lifestyle and natural treatment choices. There are a few precious moments in life when love blooms and grows. For some, this may be when they first meet someone who becomes a dear friend, or the time they realize they have found the person they want to spend their life with. Special first dates, emotional proposals, or magical wedding days become milestones in these relationships that mark the growth of a lifelong commitment and love. As time passes, love matures and deepens and eventually some partners choose to begin to build a family. At this point, couples are eager to welcome a new baby into the world, but the enthusiasm can turn to frustration and worry if it takes longer than expected to conceive. If this happens, it is important for couples to remember the qualities and experiences their relationship is founded on so they can pull together in love to support one another through this challenging time. Infertility may be accompanied by a variety of mixed emotions and thankfully there are many medical and emotional resources to help couples navigate this [...]