The Benefits and Costs of Natural Gas Conversions within the Trucking Industry

Heavy-duty and medium-duty trucking companies may stand to benefit from conversion to natural gas and can ease the transition by sourcing reliable suppliers and qualified service retrofitters. Positive changes are happening within the Trucking Industry to implement more efficient and environmentally friendly fuel options. As the country works to decrease its dependence on foreign oil and looks for more eco-friendly alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuel, many companies are considering the switch to natural gas. There are many benefits and costs associated with this transition which must be considered to determine if natural gas is a viable option for different businesses.   Pro: Natural Gas Reduces Oil Dependence and Carbon Emissions Natural gas is known for producing up to 25% less carbon pollution than oil in transportation applications. This makes it the cleanest fossil fuel available and is more readily available in the United States. According to one report from the Center for American Progress, natural gas could potentially meet more than one third of the fuel needs of the heavy and medium-duty trucking industry by 2035. This would represent a savings of nearly 1.2 million barrels of oil per day. Natural Gas May Require Vehicle Conversions In order to [...]