BMW North Scottsdale Encourages Drivers to Keep an Eye on Safety this Summer

BMW North Scottsdale encourages drivers to keep their mind on safety heading in to the summer months.  From high temperatures to dangerous winds, monsoon rains, and blinding dust storms, there are a lot of unexpected weather hazards that can cause problems on the road in Arizona. To prepare your car for the summer months, there are a few things you can do to makes sure you are safe and ready to go no matter what the weather brings.  These include: Engine Check:  BMW service technicians can inspect your engine for leaks, wear, or other issues that may affect performance in the scorching Phoenix summer heat.  Rubber components are especially at risk due to the hot dry climate, but with regular services, you engine will stay well-protected so it can continue to offer the high performance driving experience you expect from BMW. Brakes Inspection:  BMW offers an Enhanced Braking System that helps driver stop more quickly in an emergency.  If it is raining, the Enhanced Braking System will dry off your rotors.  It keeps your car in place if you park on a hill, and if you quickly pull off the accelerator, it prepares to brake just as quickly.  By having [...]