Understanding the Importance of Your Threaded Fastener

What is a threaded fastener? The intricacy of a threaded fastener may not get much attention, but is paramount in the success of every component it fits into. This important factor is a concept Huron Automatic Screw Company takes very seriously. We understand the necessity of precision in each threaded fastener manufactured. The intricacy of a threaded fastener begins with the screw thread and the thread profile. The thread profile is the configuration of the thread on an axial plane with three essential parts including flank, root, and crest. The flank is the sloped surfaces joining the crests and roots. Crest is the top area of the threaded ridge and the root is the bottom area of the threaded ridge. When considering your next threaded fastener project, look no further than Huron Automatic Screw Company because details such as these are of the utmost importance. We have more than 85 years of dedication to training our expert staff in the manufacture of threaded fasteners and machined parts. We encompass key components of the threaded fastener industry, which include state-of-the-art equipment, leading edge technology, and utilizing Lean Manufacturing principles. Even further, Huron Automatic Screw Company places customer needs at the top [...]

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Understanding Some of the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Your Threaded Fastener

Huron Automatic Screw Company makes each machined part with the utmost precision and expertise. When choosing your threaded fastener provider, there are important factors to consider. Three important qualities include the utmost precision in the finished product, the timeliness of production, and the one-on-one care with each client. At Huron Automatic Screw Company, this is exactly the kind of service you’ll receive. We pride ourselves as a complete threaded fastener provider with expertise in every piece of precision-machined part produced. Knowing how these products are made offers an understanding of what goes into every machined part we provide. Take a moment to browse the Huron Automatic Screw Company website at www.huronauto.com and learn more about the manufactured products and services we provide. Knowing the crux of your threaded fastener In the build of every threaded fastener, there are basics to consider that Huron Automatic Screw Company has come to perfect throughout the more than 85 years in the threaded fastener arena. Some considerations include how to measure the bolts, the best choice in materials to use, and the lubricants and finishes required for our customers specific threaded fasteners. Huron Automatic Screw Company considers every detail for the most precise machined [...]

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