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The Lean Learning Center offers a five-day program that takes your company on a lean transformation. Few companies today escape the challenge of delivering the best value to their customers. With global companies consolidating, margins getting razor-thin, customers demanding more, and suppliers squeezing profits, lean transformation provides the solution. By incorporating the waste-reducing, streamlined, enterprise-wide system that enabled Toyota to revolutionize the auto industry, your company can slash costs, find speed and flexibility, and gain the ability to compete in any environment—profitably. Lean is about principles and rules-not just tools. Lean applies to all industries and every function of your business. Adults learn through experience and dialogue-not through books and lectures. The Lean Learning Center has created a powerful learning resource for the people who will make your lean initiative a success: executives, managers, change agents, and team and front-line leaders. Building on their unique set of courses, the Lean Learning Center staff will also help you design and create your own lean implementation plan. This program is for both those new to lean and lean experts. What’s the difference between a lean program and a true lean transformation? Only those companies that go beyond the tools of lean and [...]