Porsche Drivers Master Winter Weather with Tequipment Tire and Wheel Sets

Santa Barbara drivers can prepare their Porsche for winter weather conditions by switching to Tequipment Winter Wheel sets at Porsche Santa Barbara. Wheels and tires are an integral part of a vehicle’s performance, and they don’t always get the credit they deserve. The ability of the tire to grip the road is vital especially in high-powered sport vehicles. Add cold or hazardous weather conditions to the mix and the importance of high-performance wheels and tires increases drastically. For this reason, Porsche recommends drivers switch to winter-specific wheel and tire sets to ensure they are able to enjoy the optimal performance they expect all year long. Prepare Now for Winter Driving As fall arrives, temperatures drop and summer tires can begin to harden which increases braking distances. This can make them inappropriate for cold, wet, or icy roadways. To remedy this problem, Porsche offers Tequipment Winter Wheel sets. These wheels and tires are specially designed for winter wear and provide better control and handling even during inclement weather. The tires have been chemically formulated to resist hardening even in cold temperatures and meet Porsche specifications for the “N” designation. With Tequipment Winter Wheels, drivers can have peace of mind that they [...]